By:Andrew Troy KelIer

On Friday,July the 25th,a group of Baldwin-Wallace students had decided to go into a section of Metroparks and have themselves a picnic under the shade of some trees.

While the others were still enjoying their meal,one of the students named Wanda Stoddard had decided to take a walk into the woods and write a report on the flora and faurna for one of her professors.

But before she was about to write such a report,Wanda had suddenly saw something that had caught her eye--a mysterious bright light had shined in a path next to her and a humanoid being had stepped out of the light.

After a curious Wanda had stepped closer to the humanoid,he had placed his hand on Wanda's and took her with him into the light.

Once inside the light,the duo had looked at each other for a minute or two--and kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

And then,after they had removed all of their clothes,both Wanda and her newfound lover had started having a moment of wonderous sensual pleasure together.

Then,after they had pressed their nude bodies against each other,the room had started to glow ever so brightly that it had engulfed the entire room.

About a few minutes later,Wanda had finally woken up and noticed that she was back out in the woods and the light was no longer where she had spotted it--in a wooded path.