Soul Sight

I can see the world inside your eyes,
Everything from the truth to the lies.
Like an open book, I can see what's there,
All after my soul-piercing stare.

I can see your innermost desires.
I can see your heart's passionate fires.
I can see what your mind may think.
All without a blink.

You don't know when I'm doing this trick,
Because it comes out of nowhere.
I can sneak inside at anytime,
Hell I can do it while doing this rhyme.
I can see your soul even at first glance,
Because that's always the perfect chance.

Sometimes when I look in your soul,
I see myself in your life
I will admit when I am flattered,
Like the sounding of a fife.

Other times I see others souls,
And see them dark and cluttered.
I frown on them and lead them right,
Without getting them buttered.

And when I read your book of life,
I'll read it to you out loud.
But then again I may read nothing but strife,
Or your mind may be covered by a cloud.
And it forever stays with me and you,
Since I saw, read and will tell you true.

I look at you all here today,
And I see just one thing…
All of you are still human,
And all of your thoughts still sing.