Summary: Emerald. Jade. Sapphire. Diamond. The main officers of the Dream Catchers. On their way back from a meeting, a car hit them. They were injured so badly they went comatose. But that's not the end.

Dream Catchers

Emerald: The Accident

We were in Jade's car when it happened.

We had been at a sort of club thing we founded called the Dream Catchers. You see, all of us are interested in astral projection, UFOs, telekinesis, things like that. We're not witches or anything like that, we just believe in things that some people think are weird. We've all had experiences of the paranormal. That meaning pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, telekinesis, telepathics, the whole nine yards. Each of us has been in the Astral Plane. Some of us joined the group after a UFO abduction. That's me and Jade. When Sapphire was ten, she started hearing voices. No, she's not insane, she's telepathic. Diamond can move things with his mind. Over time, we all developed each others' skills. Now, we can each use all the skills we'd had. We don't use it to eavesdrop or shoplift or murder, though. We signed a pact to use the abilities only when we need to. "Need" referring to actual needs, not helping ourselves run faster in gym class. However, practicing and showing up skeptics are counted as needs.

Back to the story. Anyways, we were coming back from a meeting. This thirteen-year-old was all excited because she'd made her book jump to her hand from across the room. Someone achieving a goal is always a pretty big deal, so we were going out to a restaurant to celebrate. There's one other big thing about our town. It's Roswell, New Mexico. Great place for geeks like us. The restaurant happens to be inside the UFO museum. It's a great place for geeks like us. Unfortunately, the restaurant has threatened to ban our club eight times because of use bending their spoons for practice.

All ten of us were there. Me (Emerald), Jade, Sapphire, Diamond, Lapis, Amber, Beryl, Topaz (only boy other than Diamond and Jade), Garnet and Opal. Those aren't our given names, they're nicknames that we chose. Garnet and Opal are twelve and practically inseparable. Opal's the one who made a compass needle go crazy. We were there so we could bend spoons and maybe a few knives and forks to celebrate. We get a real kick out of the manager's face.

So we'd ordered our usual, ten Gray Frays, aka hamburgers, French fries, a medium soda, and a toy, and were chatting.

"Congrats on the compass, Opal," Jade said.

"Thanks," Opal said, grinning.

"You've got to help me out," Garnet said. "I mean, we joined at the same time."

"It takes some people longer than others," I said.

I'm club president, so it's usually me who ends up saying stuff like that. Jade's VP, Sapphire's secretary, and Diamond's treasurer. Lapis and Amber are our historians.

"Let's bend some spoons," Topaz said with a wide grin.

"It's no fun unless the waitress is coming," Sapphire pointed out.

"I wanna start!" Topaz said, waving his hand in the air like he was ten instead of seventeen.

"There's the waitress," Garnet said, pointing.

Topaz picked up a spoon and shut his eyes. He rubbed his fingers lightly up and down the spoon. As we and the waitress watched, the top began to slowly bend downwards and the bottom upwards. He dropped the spoon, but only after it had been bent into a full circle.

"You'll have to pay for that," the waitress said.

We all looked at Diamond. He was checked the special transparent wallet that we keep the treasury in. It lives in the pocket of his trenchcoat. There was a pocket in the wallet that held what we were allowed to spend on this particular outing. He withdrew fifty bucks.

"Sir, a spoon only costs two-fifty," the waitress stammered.

"I factored in others," Diamond said.

She took the bill and returned with ten more spoons, as we already had ten. Diamond saw me glaring at him. He shrugged.

"We've still got another thirty bucks for tonight," he said.

"How much do the Gray Frays cost again?" I asked piercingly.


"We've got about twelve bucks left once you factor in tax. That's good. Everyone, take one spoon in addition to the one in your napkin."

The rest of the club cheered and started at the spoons. Within about ten minutes, all the spoons were in neat little circles except two.

"I...can' it!" Garnet snapped, throwing her spoon onto the table.

"Getting mad doesn't help," I advised. "Trust me. It took me so many tries to get the spoon thing right because I kept throwing it across the room."

"Really?" she said hopefully.

"Really. Get rid of all emotions. Think Harry Potter's Occlumency."

She grinned. I knew all about her Harry Potter addiction, as I read the books myself.

"Thanks. That helps."

She picked up the spoon and started focusing on it. All of us were watching. Her face was completely smooth, with no deadly worry lines. Garnet's ruby-manicured fingers were running smoothly up and down the spoon. We were holding our breath. Slowly, ever so slightly, the spoon was bending. It bent more and more, until finally it was in a perfect circle. She opened her eyes and they bugged to the size of dinner plates.

"I did it!" she said gleefully.

"That you did," I agreed.

The food was there. I lifted my Coke in a toast.

"To Garnet and Opal and there new achievements," I said.

"To Garnet and Opal," everyone agreed.

We clinked plastic UFO cups and took long gulps of our sodas. Opal and Garnet were very happy about being in Dream Catchers, as they were younger than everyone else. Dream Catchers was originally just me, Diamond, Sapphire, and Jade. We formed it when we were thirteen. Lapis and Amber joined when we were fourteen after they did an article on us for the school paper and they're now our historians. Topaz and Beryl joined us at fifteen when they saw our ad for site managers in the school paper. They're HTML/Java geniuses and carry their Gateway laptops everywhere. We're all currently seventeen but Opal and Garnet, who are twelve. They're entering eighth grade at Sierra Middle School, and we just graduated Roswell High. They're in the prime age for starting telekinesis, while the rest of us recently passed it. They're probably going to be better than us, as they started earlier. Not that I'll ever admit it. I'm the all-powerful presidential figure.

"And she scores again!" Topaz said as Garnet wrapped a spoon around her wrist like a bracelet. "And look, here comes Baldy!"

The manager of the restaurant was storming towards our table, looking none too happy. He always recognized us, thanks to our trademark trenchcoats and the good deal of bent spoons around us.

"I thought I told you punks to stay out of here," he growled. "Those spoons aren't cheap!"

"We bought them," Sapphire said. "Ask our waitress. We bought twenty, the ten we already had and ten others."

He scowled. He hated losing arguments.

"Well, don't come back again, okay?"

"Okay," Opal said meekly, seeming very innocent.

Baldy's face softened slightly with Opal's sweet act.

"What are you doing with people like this?" he asked kindly.

"I like it," she said innocently.

"Just watch your back okay, hon?" he said softly.

Opal nodding, looking for all the world as if she was six instead of twelve. Baldy stalked back into his usual beat while we all high-fived Opal.

"Thank you Opal!" I said enthusiastically. "Baldy seems to be a sucker for kids! A weakness!"

"Thanks," she said, smiling broadly.

We all munched away on our food, chatting with each other. We finished after about an hour and started home. Sapphire, Diamond, Jade and I were going to ride in Jade's car. Lapis had a minivan, so she, Amber, Topaz, Beryl, Garnet, and Opal were all going to ride with them.

"See you next week," I called to the other six, referring to our meetings every Friday night.

Jade had a real nice car, a red convertible with back seats. We flipped for driver. Jade won. We flipped again for passenger's seat. I won. That meant Diamond and Sapphire were sharing the back. We had the top down, of course. Wind in our hair thing.

"Whose house is first?" he asked.

"Mine," I answered.

"Let's go."

He revved the engine and started the car. Not very fast, just noisy. We were coming up to a turn. It wasn't an intersection, just a stop sign. He slowed down.

That was when they came.

There was a plain black car behind us. It sped up and didn't slow down. Jade tried to go forward, but the engine had suddenly died.

We were stuck.

"This is bad," Jade said helpfully.

The car hit.