"Electric Sex Apple"
I find myself at a loss for words,
Every time I lay my eyes upon you.
I think to myself how lucky I am,
To have a wonderful woman just like you.

Invigorating, in every sense of the word,
You're delicious, and nutritious.
Expanding my mind every time I judge,
Something malicious, quite infectious.

Emerald eyes greet me at the doors of perception,
A nice conception.
Ruby red lips kiss me into a kind oblivion,
Leaving me obviously oblivious.

Sirens of Titan leaping out of the pages,
It's quite contagious, so contagious.
Vonnegut always did freak me out just a little,
So very little.

Dreaming of politics and all the things that could have been,
That might have been.
They might have happened if only you weren't who you are,
That pale green star.

As much as I love you I've come to some conclusions,
They left contusions.
On my brain, I've really felt a strain resolving problems,
You're excess problems.

I think it's best if you just go ahead and die,
Give it a try.
Say good-bye to all the things that could have been real...
If only you weren't here...