Hello, friends,

If you are just joining this story, pass this by!

If you are someone who read it for the past few years in its previous incarnation, read on!

I really like this story. However, after writing it on and off for seven years (wait, what, how is that possible?), it's completely lost its direction. Sometimes I look back and realize I've forgotten major events and am not sure how where I want to see it go works with where it's already gone.

Instead of abandoning it, I'm rewriting it.

A number of earlier chapters will be revised and condensed. Other will be dispensed with altogether. New chapters and scenes will find their way in.

There is new material in every chapter, if not new scenes. Most early scenes have kept their plot but been rewritten.

Oh, and there's that new title: Always Forever, Just Not For Now.

If you want a copy of the original story, Breaking Cadence, feel free to email me. I understand that other people might like that story much better.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you continue this story with me!