Yami Hiryuu: Hehe, I was bored and I am obsessing over Egypt so I decided to write this.

I sit in the distance, Watching the Egyptian sun. A soft breeze gently blowing my hair. I gaze at the pyramids, So ancient and elegant. I stare in awe as it starts to set. I love the colors that form in the clouds. Mostly gold with hints of pink. Another day goes by, As Ra walks down to the underworld again.

Yami Hiryuu: Very short. I kinda like it. Inspired by an sketch I drew. Hikari Ryu: Why am I here? Yami Hiryuu: I didn't ask for you to be here. Get out! Hikari Ryu: @_@ *sees the mallet* ok well review if you feel like it!! Arigato!