Emerald, chartreuse, olive, jade.

Every single tint and shade.

Fascinating the colorblind

with its avid limbs and labyrinth vines.

The willow's realm stood strong for years,

disturbed only by the clouds' tears.

Not the noblest men could find its king,

but an unexpected soul did just that thing.

His name is Benjamin; his birthplace is unknown,

Though he cannot wield a sword, he found the mighty throne

of the Willow in the forest, concealed with strength and pride.

No one understands how an autistic boy survived.

Through the gorge, you could never really know,

you have to take that chance, risk it a little more.

Your fate is clear; I shouldn't have to say,

breathe your last; save you make it all the way.

And save it, Benny did; his life with every stride.

Fear is foreign to him, his courage rolls in a tide.

He lives to this day, alongside Willow King,

all love and happiness, to this world he still brings.