"His Name is Fear" (AKA Laura's poem)

I don't want to close my eyes.
I don't want to meet with him again.
He makes me play a game I cannot win.
I run, but I'm not moving.
He laughs cruelly at me.
If only I could see his face,
But a dark shadow surrounds him.
Maybe he doesn't have a face.
Maybe he's made of shadow.
Moving from victim to victim.
But why does he linger at me?
Why does he want to wear down my strength?
Why did he choose me?
He circles me like a hawk.
Cape of shadows moving behind him.
I'm still unable to move,
Arms and legs like lead.
My nightmare is his play ground.
And I'm trapped in his play ground.
He owns me.
I name him then.
His name is fear.