My Thoughts
I tremble slightly as I write this
I don't know what to say
But I know it all needs to be said
I must stop these feelings before they control me
I am starting to fall into love' spell
Again when I know I cannot
I cannot love you
I cannot even tell you this emotion
I tell you, and you will leave me
All alone like the rest of the world
I want to tell them I hate them
But I cannot, for they are family
They need to know I hate their fighting
The constantly blamingof failure on me
I aint that bad of a person
I swear that on all that is believed to be true
I want her to know I can't trust her
The way she has betrayed me has been unforgiven
I cannot tell her this cuz I need her
As pathetic as it is, I can only talk to her
There is no trust, just mutual agreement
I wish to tell him I still love him
I miss him so much, more than anyone knows
Though be played me and hurt me so much
I still have so many feelings for him
I would like to tell it all to shut up
It wont go away no matter what I take
It speaks to me and tells me I am wrong
It try to get me to know I can't win
So many tell me that I can control it
But it is the one in control
I still don't know what to write
For it seems like no one will listen anyway
For though I wish to tell those people everything
I cannot tell them at all, for they already know
And still they do not stop
And therefore, I shall no longer talk
I just sit here trembling slightly