This story is the result of high amounts of sugar, sleep deprivation, and a very strange conversation with my best friend.

The Adventures of Socks

            There once was a sock named Marty. Marty was very tired of being worn.  One day when Marty was in the dryer, he overheard two other socks talking about a party at the back of the dryer and he decided to go. So he crossed to the back of the dryer by way of the pink sweater and found a sock shaped door.

            In side the door there was a long red hallway and a big black sock that took his name and brand before giving him directions to the eighth door on the left. Inside the eighth door on the left there were a bunch of socks the same brand as him. He spotted his friend Bob who he met during manufacturing, and they started talking.

            After a while, a voice came over the loudspeaker and said, "Welcome to the party!! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves because this will be the last party you ever attend. You will all be used to fuel the fires of Hell!! MWAHAHAHA!! MWAHAHAHAHA!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA—cough, cough, cough." Just then the floor split open and all the socks fell into the fiery inferno of Hell.