Brittany sat down on the couch and watched the images on the screen flash by. What did it matter? The love of her life was once again not speaking to her, and she'd succeeded in making herself look like a jackass in front of him AGAIN. She leaned her head lazily on the arm of the couch.

Her parents were out for the day, visiting her aunt and uncle in Littleton. She turned and faced the ceiling, staring it down as if it were her life support. Lauren and Jessie, her sisters, had chosen to go hang out with their friends again and leave her behind, and Elijah, her little brother, didn't matter much. Her heart ached for the one who did. Dan Ross.

She groaned and closed her eyes, her face scrunched in pain. She clenched her fists and put them over her chest, pulling her knees up and not moving, refusing to let the tears she knew were coming to actually step foot outside her eyelids. She heard someone come in upstairs and dropped the expression, quickly turning to face the couch. Lauren and Jessie's voices drifted down the stairs, along with the deep voice of the one Brittany loved, the one she'd give anything to have.

She squeezed her eyes tightly shut and refused to open them, even as her heart jumped when Jessie's voice came down the stairs. "Go ahead and sit down there, we'll just pick up the movie from Marcus and come back!" She refused to look up. Dan didn't deserve to see her in such emotional pain. She heard his foot steps down the stairs and then heard him stop when he saw her. His breathing quieted; he thought she was asleep.

If I were asleep it would probably take away this pain...She thought, letting her eyes rest. Just go to sleep, he'll leave you alone... he hates you... She heard him again, move forward. She thought he was going to sit down at the large green chair next to the couch, not giving her another glance, but he sat down in front of the couch and laid his head on her back. Her eyes flew open at this and she blinked. What is he doing?

"Are you awake Brittany?" He whispered, his voice filling with fear. He'd heard her unevening breathing. She turned around as his head lifted from her back.

"What are you doing?" She whispered giving him a confused look. He stood and looked at her, laying on the couch, for quite sometime.

"I just..." He muttered. Brittany sat up, keeping her aching hands from searching his body as she kept them clenched.

'You just what? Thought you could come in here and sleep on top of me?" She said scowling at him. He's caused me so much pain, and longing, why can't I just repay him for it.

'No... I... no." He said looking at the floor. She stood up in front of him.

"Listen I get too much of people not talking to me during the week because they're depressed. Talk to me. I think I've said all I need to to you." She said, reminding herself of her confession of love to him the previous two months ago. He looked up at her, his eyes searching her face, flitting over each of her features, her black and blond hair, her green blue eyes, unusually large nose, full lips. He took a step towards her and took her arms gently into hers, she analyzing his features. His blond and brown hair, his black oakley's carefully placed on the back of his head, the blue eyes, the chubby kidlike face... his lips. The lips that had forever played in her mind as her own. She shrank back. "Dan please..." She whispered, feeling a tear slide down her cheek. "I don't need this anymore." Dan shook his head.

"Brittany, this isn't a dream this time." He whispered closing the distance between their lips and moving his hand from her arm to the back of her head, pushing her lips harder onto his. She put her hands up on his chest and pushed him away.

'I can't do this." She said, tears spilling from her eyes. "I just... Dan I love you, but I know you don't feel the same way." His eyes started watering.

"Who are you to tell me what I feel?" He snapped, dropping his hold on her.

"Have you loved me since the moment we met?" Said Brittany, Dan stayed silent. "I have, I've loved you since I knew you, even before we were friends, and now... now that we are, I might want to keep it that way, and stop hurting myself." Dan glared at her.

"It wasn't you though! It was me! It was my fault." He said. Brittany shook her head.

"I know this is a dream, just as every other thing I've wished has been. I can't keep doing this." She said looking back at him. His perfect smile was dissapearing, as well was his body into a cloud of smoke. His face was caught in an ugly sneer. "I love you, but... I don't know if you feel the same in real life." She whispered. The shadow of him dissapeared and she sighed. "It was just another dream..." she muttered, sitting back on the couch.

She finally opened her eyes, but found that she was not in either daylight nor fully on the couch, her head was in someone's lap. She turned and looked up, into Dan's face. He looked down at her and smiled. "What's wrong?" He said.

Brittany's eyes filled with tears as she flew off of him. "I thought this was over!" She shouted, tears flying from her eyes. Dan's face was shocked, as though he didn't expect this reaction. "Just stop with the dreams already. I want them to stop. I can't deal with this anymore." She shouted. He blinked at her and got up.

"You have dreams about me?" He said. Brittany's eyes widened as she realized the truth.

"Oh God! No..." She whispered, sitting back down on the couch and catching her fingers in her hair. "Oh God..." Dan leaned down in front of her and got on one knee. "I thought... this was just another stupid dream." Dan put his hands on her knees, shooting tingles up her spine and looked deeply at her.

"How do these dreams go?" He said. Brittany shook her head, and buried her face deeper into her legs. He reached under her chin and pulled her head up, staring into her eyes. "Like this?" He whispered, kissing her deeply, and slowly pushing the shocked girl onto the couch cushion. He pulled away, his face still very close to hers, she licked her lips.

"Normally we end up having sex, but... I don't think that's going to happen." She whispered.

"Why not?" Said Dan getting closer to her again, leaning over her on the couch. Brittany held up her left hand and showed him her purity ring.

"Because I've sworn not to." She said. "And I'd be turning my back on myself if I did." Dan gulped and nodded.

"Alright... I'll wait for you then." He whispered, slowly closing the distance between their mouths again.