If I were to tell you how I really felt would it matter?

Would you embrace me and kiss me like I want you to?

Would you shove me away and turn your back on my like I know you would?

Would you just stand there and stare at me while my cheeks turned red? And the ground started to slowly move under my feet, getting faster and faster.

I Love You Dan, I don't know why you won't return my feelings. maybe its just not the right time, maybe I'm not ready, maybe you're not ready, but I know that I Love you. I can't stop thinking about how you make me feel. You're the first one whose given me tingles. and you just SIT by me! You hold out your hand with the smallest bit of hope, and I take it, praying that this will make a difference.

You're eyes sparkle when you smile, I love your smile. Especially when you're smiling at me. at something I've said. I get chills down my spine everytime I look at you. I wish you were mine.

But you're not, your hers. You're his and hers and theirs. WHY CAN'T I HAVE YOU??? Why can't you make room for me too??? I need you, whether you need me too or not.

I wish that you would do something horrible to me so I could just get over you, but you won't, I know you won't. I just pray that someday. something will happen, moving in either direction is fine for me. I just keep falling into you.

I fall deeper everyday, everyday I don't see you, every day I do. I try not to think about how perfectly our lips would fit together, how much our body's would mold together when we kiss, and how you would wait for me. and I would wait for you. and we would become one and then do what we really want.

I can't wait forever though. I wish I could, but I really don't have that kind of patience, I've waited this whole year, I'll probably wait a few more. but I won't wait after I go to college. I'm moving on after that, it will be obvious after that, that you have never and will never have those feelings for me. I Love you, Dan you were my first true love. but perhaps that's all you'll ever be.