Nani no ashita ka?

"Ne me laisse pas mourir ici !!"

Evan watched in horror as her friend thrashed about in the snow. Tears blinding her she reached over the edge as far as she could trying desperately to reach him, but he was too far gone. The tears were like hot ice in her eyes, burning . burning.

"What's wrong with me ." The woman mumbled dragging herself out of bed. She felt stiff and sore as if she had been hit by a car. "Sammy ? Sammy!"

She called shuffling towards the small bathroom with cold floor tiles.

'This kid will be the death of me.' She mumbled kicking aside a pile of dirty clothes from the pale yellow tiles. A year and he still didn't abide by her house rules, well this was going to change. She snatched her tooth brush from its holder on the sink and lathered it with paste and jammed it into her mouth.

"Salut, tante Sandrine." Sammy grinned appearing in the mirror behind her. His blond hair and blue eyes a great contrast to his aunts black hair with wisps of gray and dull blue-gray eyes.

"Sandra Dammit !Samuel you've lived here long enough to get my name right ! I'm Sandra and as long as you wanna stay under my roof that's what you'll call me you hear!!" the woman snapped brandishing her foaming tooth brush at the boy.

"Ok ok!!" Samuel turned away . "J'ai faim. Qu'est-ce que tu veux faire por le petit dejuner?"

"Samuel!" Sandra glared at her nephew and he flashed her a startlingly beautiful smile.

"Ok. Just kidding Tante. I am hungry..and I wanted to have breakfast with you before I head out today, but if you have something better to do I'll understand."

Sam turned away leaving his aunt alone in her bathroom tooth brush askew in the corner of her mouth. He was just heading out the door , backpack slung across one shoulder when his aunt caught up to him.

"He kid. I cant do breakfast , but why don't you drop by the store café for lunch?" She smiled at him as he nodded agreement , but she was never sure if he was agreeing to the music pounding in his headphones or to her.

Sandra Dekota must have owned the only Japanese café in all of Juniper Bay. Shima Kawa Grill sat on the corner of Bayville boulevard and the arts districts La Rouge road. Decorated in the pagoda style with bright red painted walls and blue trim it stood out against all the other drab shops and cafés that flanked it. The best quality of the shop was the view from the second story balcony that over looked the pier , the ocean and most of downtown Juniper Bay. This is where Sandra was when Samuel called up from the entrance downstairs.

"Hey Tante Sandrine ! Do you mind if I bring a couple friends up ?" Samuel practically yelled up the dark stair well.

"One sec Sam and keep your voice down!" She hised rushing down the stairs as quietly as possible.

Samuel , Dante , Christophe , Jullie and Andrene smiled up as the older woman beckoned from the landing.

"Salut!" the girls grinned as they were ushered into the booth. Neither spoke English or cared to try but they were captivated by the exotic displays of Japanese art décor and grimmed at Sandra the while.

" Samuel you know you can bring sop many people here, you'll put me out of business." Sandra sighed gioving her nephew and his friends a weak smile. "Especialy making so much noise in the entrance you'll upset my paying customers. Not to mention Mr. Teneda."

Takayuki Teneda owned an art gallery on the first floor and hated noise . He complained about it at least once every week. "You have to many loud customers Sandra. Noise, it ruin the solitude of my gallery . Ruins my pictures , makes them angry, negative chi bad for business!" Sandra brushed the thought aside , Mr Tenedas business was boing better than hers and she planned on keeping the few customers she had

"I'll send Vince out in a second." She brushed a loose strand of hair from her eyes and left the table.