What is it Good For?

Men fighting far away.

Women selling bonds on the street.

Blacks, and women doing jobs they couldn't do before,

or didn't know they could do.

Congress makes the draft a law.

Must enlist.

Lottery number between 1 and 10,500.

Your number's up, shipped off to Europe.

Government using taxes, and loans for expenses,

because money mobilized war, kept the fire burning.

Farm crops were at high prices to mobilize farmers to produce more.

The use of grain for alcohol was banned.

Coal was rationed.

The demand for food over seas sent prices sky rocketing.

Creel Committee, and their crusade to reassure Americans that war was for "freedom" and democracy.

Prejudice against Germans begins, refusing to teach German in schools.

"Efforts" to help caused "War Fever".

Spy scares, search for traitors.

Will it be over soon?