The alarm went off amazingly loud in her morning ears. Another day. The young girl sighed, and stood still for minutes in order to calm the jumpy nerves caused by the rude awakening. She wasn't a normally observant person, so when she looked around her room, she surprised herself. She knew what everything looked like, of course, but today she had a need to see everything. . . For one last time? First, as her eyesight was becoming sharper, she saw the blur of a turtle cage to her left. Both of her baby turtles stared back at her, obviously wondering what this crazy girl was doing. Their amazingly tiny heads cocked to the side, and their clear blue green eyes were also clouded with sleep. The unidentified girl chuckled softly, and turned her head so she was staring straight ahead of her. She was seeing her brown cherry wood desks and the clutter on top of them. Two flowery glass glasses, one mug that said "Big Hug Mug" on it, one water bottle, and one plastic sea turtle cup were what she saw on top of those desks. And books. Books galore. Big books, little books, and encyclopedias.

She shook her head, to clear up all those thoughts. The next thing she saw was her computer. It's glow seemed to call to her, like a bug light to a moth. Her skinny hands came to her forehead, and the girl got up. She knew that she should go at least a day without getting on the computer, but it was addictive. Another hand came up to brush the pale blonde hairs away from her face as she came face to face with her beloved machine. The girl placed her digits onto the mouse and waved it around the mouse pad crazily to make her computer come back to life. Her glasses fell off of her head as the screen blinked with color. She sighed. She had fallen asleep with her glasses on again. She slowly got up and picked up her rose colored glasses, (A/N: ^. -) and went over to her wooden mirror. Just as she thought, there were purple-like bruises under her eyes that hadn't been there yesterday. The young woman slapped her head once again, and leaned closer to the mirror. She saw her tanned features, a small nose, big blue eyes, and a heart shaped face. Suddenly her vision blurred so she couldn't see herself anymore.

The girl put on her glasses and saw herself once more. Her eyes strayed to the makeup laying on the desk beside her, but decided it was no use. She wasn't going anywhere today.

Picking up her feet, she slowly picked her way to her computer, being careful not to step on any of the trash or useless objects on the floor. She sat down and stared at the screen. Fifty messages were displayed on the computer. She went through all of them, noting that they were all from Jordan, her friend. She chuckled, seeing as Jordan had only said a few sentences and sent them one word at a time. The last message was different though. It was from someone on her buddy list who she never remembered putting on there, or even talking to. It said, "I know what you're thinking. How did I get on your buddy list without your consent? Go ahead, ask me."

Jessi gasped, but also hurriedly typed in a question. As soon as she pressed enter, the answer popped up, as if the person behind the pen name knew what and when she was going to ask.

Her question was, "Who are you?" And the answer was, "I'm right behind you."