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Yasha Hybrid: Chapter One: The Forgotten World of the Hybrids

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *************** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Imagine a city built along a shore of a black and red ocean. Where you could hear the waves rolling upon the beaches like soothing, whispering voices. Imagine people on the beach enjoying the beautiful light of a warm mid day sun. A kind of people with... oddities about them.

For instance, on the beautifully and lightly stained red sand, there was a boy of eighteen years of age. He was sleeping peacefully. But as he stirred in his sleep, he finally awoke to reveal two ebony black eyes. the bizarre thing was that they began to bleed slightly. He looked around as if trying to remember where he had been. He blinked and then smiled as if it were coming back to him. His eyes were still bleeding but he never noticed, almost as if it were natural. He stood wiping sand off of his back, or tried to, but it was kind of difficult. You can't exactly reach back there very well you know. He shook his head, obviously irritated. His raven black hair brushing against his back also getting sand in it. he stopped shaking his head and growled. * This is just Great.* he thought.

"Damn long hair. Why won't anyone let me cut it?!" he muttered. He took a band around his wrist and put his hair into a long ponytail. As he was doing so, he looked up and saw what a normal person would assume to be either bats or very distant dragons. This young man only continued to mutter under his breath.

As he looked up into the sky again, he closed his eyes. From a distance, one might assume that he was simply a statue on the beach. Yep, he stood that still. But one might also change one's mind about that once you see two large Dragon like wings come out from his back. (A/N RUNNNN!!!! Okay, uh I'll shut up!) after the wings were fully spread he flew up at a great speed. As he joined the other "dragons" it becomes clear that these are no dragons but others with the same Dragon like wings. As they flew over the beach, it is not long before you see a beautiful city ahead. It's plain to see, seeing at how all the buildings, all the streets, everything shone with a kind of crystalline light.

In a simple pub, you could make things made out of jade, sapphires, and emeralds. Farther on, you see amethyst houses; buildings made of gold, silver, and kunzite. No matter where you went or looked, there was some kind of spectacular building made of jewels, crystals, and even more. But in the very center of this beautiful city was a palace. One made of garnets, rubies, and ivory. The tallest tower was made of all three mixed in together. As the sun came into the afternoon position the light hit the tower right on the dot. The light reflected off of the tower and it was in that instant, a sort of aurora happened all over the great city. The lights seemed to be even in the streets themselves. But the city dwellers paid no attention to it except some children who began chasing the moving lights.

But we need not focus on the city, for that is not why we are here. We are now in the very tower causing the aurora. Watching over the people with bleeding eyes, there was a young woman around eighteen years of age. Her black body suit fit her perfectly around every which way. She had a V-neck that was so low; it came to her belly button also showing more skin then most women would allow showing. Across her chest there was strap and a black stone (we all know what the strap is for.) she closed her eyes as one light temporarily blinded her. She turned her back to the window she was looking out from. She wore a belt made of garnets and from this belt, a white skirt was flowing. It had high slits on the sides and it seemed to be made of a cloth-type Ivory. Her sleeves were flared also giving her a kind of elegant look. Her thick black hair came down all the way to her knees. She opened her eyes just as some one came in through the door.

"You're late, Maru." She said in a smooth and cool voice. It was the boy from the beach. He had abandoned his shirt while in the air so he was shirtless & wore pants like a Japanese kimono in ancient times. He smirked.

"oh so you notice, do you Sagee? I thought you'd be too busy thinking of what to wear today. But then again, you don't have very many choices." Maru said sarcastically. He looked like he was thinking hard. "let's see, you're choices are what you're wearing now, something like you're wearing now, and another something like what you're wearing now. Basically that's all you ever wear my dear /Queen/." He said emphasizing the queen part. Sagee glared at him.

"Feh! I own other clothes. This just happens to be my favorite outfit," she turned her back to him, "you fell asleep on the beach again didn't you?" she said. Maru straightened up.

"sorry, but heat is kind of exhausting. But you wouldn't know. You never get exhausted. Rumor is, your servants have to force you to sleep." He said. he walked up to her and put his arms around her in a soft embrace. She rolled her eyes and walked away from him. Maru frowned. "You're obviously not in any good mood." A knife came and about got him where it would hurt extremely badly had he not jumped up from it. "I get your /point/." He murmured.

As the wind blew in through the window, it dropped something off. A little girl probably no older then ten. She had two pigtails of pink hair. Some strands were left to cover her right eye. She had a six-point star on her forehead. She wore what looked like a one-piece aqua green swimsuit. She had a transparent ribbon around her waist and she wore white knee high boots. She also had two transparent pink wings. She opened her eyes and looked around. They were an amber color with a pupil like a cat's. These were the eyes of a demon.

"Oh, hi, Lady Sagee! Didn't mean to drop in on you like this, but the wind is so very strong today. And Little old me can't quite withstand it." she said. Sagee nodded.

"You're excused, Kiko. Tell me, do you have any news?" Sagee asked in the same calm, smooth voice. Kiko turned around and she seemed in a small secretary suit with a laptop and everything. Maru growled something about, "stupid demons." Sagee and Kiko looked at him.

"I didn't say anything." He said quickly. Kiko continued looking at her laptop.

"As a matter of fact I do, Lady Sagee. Demons are approaching fast. Seems that some of them are much smarter then one might assume. I've tried to divert them by saying that you are further north. Seems that they don't believe me." Kiko said changing back into her normal outfit. Sagee glared. Maru and Kiko looked at each other obviously knowing that she wasn't happy.

"We can't let the demons get too close. If they do, they'll find us, and place war on us. That's the last thing I need. More to add on this headache, which grows ever so slightly." Sagee said. She punched a pillar to release some of her anger. She walked off still in a bad mood. It wasn't long before the whole pillar was a mere pile of dust. Maru glared at Kiko.

"Stupid demon. You do know, you're race is the only reason she's in such a foul mood. You good for nothing monsters." He growled. Kiko glared daggers at Maru.

"TAKE THAT BACK!" she kicked him hard in the head. "In case you forgot, you Hybrids are mixtures of vampires, Mutant, AND demons! So with out us, you wouldn't even have half of your power that you have now! Plus with out me you wouldn't have such knowledge of the attacks and the demons would have already found you! YOU OWE ME MARU!" she kicked him in the head again.

"Ow! You kick hard for a small thing like yourself!" he growled protecting his head with his arms.

"You better believe it. Oh and you have sand in your hair." Kiko flew off after Sagee.

"SHUT UP! I KNOW THAT ALREADY!" Maru shouted this time. He growled and followed Kiko.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Four hours later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sagee, Maru, and Kiko were in the gardens talking like most friends would. Or more to say that Kiko and Maru ignored each other while Sagee talked to each of them separately. She was getting annoyed of it though. And that was the last thing she needed.

"Well, as I can tell, you two are forcing another head ache on me. Would you mind getting over it and ease this migraine?" she said as nicely as she could. They seemed to ignore her. Now that was too far. "I order you two to literally kiss and make up!" she said loudly. Maru and Kiko looked at her obviously confused. They were both wondering if she was serious. From the look she was giving, she was dead serious. They both freaked.

"I'M NOT KISSING THAT!" they both shouted and pointed to each other. Sagee punched a tree and it was another pile of dust. They freaked again. "Uh, can it just be real quick and simple?!" they begged. It was at that moment, Sagee froze, wide-eyed, and had gone pale. Maru and Kiko did not understand. Did they say something wrong? They didn't think so. But soon her look of shock turned into a look of anger and determination. Her eyes' blood was flowing even more freely. She looked at Maru.

"gather up all the warriors, soldiers, everyone! We've got a war on us. The demons have found us. We must prepare immediately."

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE DEMONS HAVE FOUND US?!" Kiko shouted. Maru had gotten as serious as Sagee and had flown off right after the order was given. Sagee looked at the young demon.

"You seem surprised Kiko, why?"

"they shouldn't be here for days, even months. I don't see how they could have gotten here in such a short amount of time. Sagee, normally I would think you could handle these guys, kinda with out killing off my race, but if they found us this quickly, they got some kind of new power. They aren't the same demons we're ready for. When your troops get to battle have Maru warn them to be extra careful." Kiko said hurriedly. What surprised her was that Sagee laughed.

"You think I'm going to let that escape from my grasp then? A good fight with my worst enemy? No, I'm going to fight. Head to head with them all before anyone. And I'll make the first kill." She said. Kiko looked up at her long time friend. Sagee Yasha, Queen of the Hybrids, was really going to fight? At that moment, the child grabbed Sagee's clothes crying a bit. Though she glared at the Hybrid.

"You're crazy for this. And if you die I'll never forgive myself for giving you this information. And since I won't be able to kill you, I'll have to kill Maru. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!" Kiko shouted. Sagee looked at her.

"Kiko, I promise that the demons will not be victorious, but they will be spared. I don't believe you! Crying and nothing ahs started yet. Nothing will happen. Not to me, not to your race, not to mine. Understand that." Sagee's wings spread full extent and she flew gracefully up into the sky and went in the direction Maru went. Kiko wiped away her tears and flew off after her. She knew Sagee would kill her, but Kiko was going to fight along side the one friend who she thought of as a sister.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To the war zone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As Hybrids from all over ascended to the sky, Sagee could see the demons coming in packs. Dragon demons, wolf demons, snake demons, water demons, fire demons. Maru flew to her side. "you sure they haven't sent out their whole race?" he asked. Sagee didn't answer. She only glared as she saw a demon with snow-white hair and he wore a simple Japanese kimono. His amber eyes locked with her pure black ones, though he didn't know it. Hybrids had keener senses then Demons and Mutants. They got that from the Vampire blood in their veins. The demon smirked though knowing perfectly well that the young queen was sending him her best death glare.

"Sagee Yasha! Queen of the Hybrids! Come here and talk to me face to face." The demon walked several steps away from his demon army. Maru grabbed Sagee's forearm.

"knowing that son of a bitch demon, Yuri Sai, he'll attack once you turn your back to him. Be careful Sagee." He whispered in her ear.

"I won't take my eyes off of him then." Sagee flew down to meet her demon rival. As she landed, Yuri Sai only laughed. Sagee wasn't exactly expecting that.

"fool, do you think you can beat us?" he said. Sagee remained as calm as ever, not showing any emotion except hate. But her mind was racing. What was he playing at? Hybrids always won. And there was never a casualty. But this would be different. They were on her turf this time. This would only work to her people's advantage. They knew the whole land by heart. And every man, woman, child, was exceptionally strong. Strength and power came natural to these great people. But why was the demon prince so confident in his people's victory? They always lost. * Wait! Kiko said that they were probably using some kind of power to boost themselves up. Something's wrong. Demon's are never this confident unless they are assured a victory.* Sagee took a step back. Yuri laughed again noticing the queen's change in emotion. He lifted his hand to touch her left cheek. She froze. His hands were cold. Something was terribly wrong. Usually a demon's hands are fire hot whenever they're in a fight. Sagee shook him off and flew back up to Maru not once turning her back to the demon. Once she was up there she noticed that there was another presence behind her.

"Kiko, what the hell are you doing here?" Sagee said very irritated. Maru looked back and saw a woman with long light pink hair she wore a white dress with high slits in the sides like what Sagee wore. But this woman's was a strapless dress. She wore thigh high boots and there was a transparent scarf flowing around the woman's arms. Her wings were a transparent Black. And it seemed as if her entire eye was black except for the amber pupil. Both eyes were like this. She flew closer to Sagee.

"because Sagee, you told me not to come basically. You know I don't take orders well." She said. in a way, it sounded like an older Kiko. So that is enough proof that Kiko was this older woman. Maru would've liked to start a quarrel with her but they had a war in their hands at the moment.

"You're confusing. You're going to fight against your own race?" Maru said. Kiko glared at him.

"I'd rather just think that I'm fighting for you all."

"it's still the same."

"SHUT UP MARU!" Sagee would have glared at them and told them to shut up and to quit being childish when war was staring them in the face But she was content on trying to figure out why Yuri was so confident. It was driving her crazy on not knowing. * damn it! at this rate, I'll never be able to fight.* she thought. Maru and Kiko were arguing in the background. And it was finally taking its toll on Sagee's patience. She turned around to face them.

"Would you two shut up?!" she shouted. At that moment, a multitude of arrows were coming straight for Sagee. She noticed and dodged them all. Except one, which went right through her arm and Maru barely, dodged it. Sagee looked at her arm. It was bleeding but few could tell. Since she was wearing all black, you couldn't really see the black blood flowing freely. Yuri Sai took a deep breath. Breathing in the smell of Sagee's blood. He smirked again. And Sagee was getting sick of it.

"Hybrids! Wouldn't you say it's time to end this pitiful feuding?" Sagee called still not taking her eyes off of Yuri Sai. All the hybrids were restless. After seeing their queen hurt, they were put into a very foul mood. They all said yes in unison. Sagee smirked this time and flew high above her group. When reaching her point and making sure they could still hear her. She pointed to the demons. "Show them no mercy! Tear them apart and do as you wish! END THIS DAMNED WAR!" she commanded. The second she stopped talking, all the hybrids flew straight for the demons. And so it began. A war to end the most terrible feud known to that time. But little did any of them know that they would also lose one of the greatest leaders of that time also.

Sagee looked around and found Yuri Sai looking up at her. He wasn't being attacked since all of the Hybrids knew that Sagee wanted to kill him herself. "Come on up Yuri! Come on up and fight me!" Sagee called down to him. he simply lifted himself from the ground and flew to Sagee just as she wished. When they were eye level they began fighting. Neither of them using powers. They were just fighting hand to hand combat. Sagee was on the offensive and Yuri was forced on to defense. Bad thing as, Yuri was very good in the defense apartment. But Sagee was just as good in offense. * I don't know what he's hiding but if I finish him off quickly, I'll make sure he doesn't have chance to use it.* Sagee flew behind him quickly, turned so that she kick him right in the face with her right leg. But Yuri dodged quickly and did the same move to Sagee who was sent down to the ground like a meteor. She even made a crater. Maru looked back to see if she was all right. But all he got was a cut across his chest by the wolf demon he was fighting. He quickly focused back to the battle.

"I'm going to make you wish you could die quickly! Lou thine No Ferno!" after quickly saying the chant, black flames rose from the ground and surrounded the demon causing him to scream in agony. Maru smirked and flew over to the crater quickly. But he was just as quickly stopped by a fire demon. "Shit! I knew I should've taken those water death spells." He flew up to where he could dodge the entire fire stream being sent after him. Kiko soon joined. But she was only playing along trying to make Maru mad. He knew she could dodge all these easier then he could because of her agile movements. She smiled over at him and then flew behind the fire demon.

"now let's see. I think it's this one! Lou thine No Aerono!" a strong gust of wind escaped her hand but Maru only got more problems because the flames got bigger. And it was getting harder to dodge. Kiko slapped herself. "oops! Sorry Maru! Wrong spell! I've got it now though! Lou thine No Aquono!" finally a huge burst of water came from her hand and diminished the demon. Maru glared at Kiko when she was done.

"You need to work on your remembering skills!" he said.

"sorry!" Kiko threw a demon off of her back and saw it was a fox demon. "Stupid Kitsunes! Go away!" Kiko used her ribbon to grab the fox and then toss it to the side and in with the wolf demon that was still being tortured by the fire spell Maru chanted. Kiko smiled. "oh! Torture! I love torture!" she said and flew over there to watch. Maru shook his head and finally made it over to the crater and saw that Sagee was gone. He looked up and saw that her and Yuri were at it again. He got tackled soon by a centipede demon.

Sagee was now furious. She was throwing it all out at Yuri. She was beating him to a pulp and she loved it. She kicked him right in the jaw one time. And she punched him in the guts five times in a row. Oh yes, she needed this. She soon grabbed him by the throat. Her eyes now a glowing crimson and still bleeding. "Now, tell me, what are you hiding?!" she growled at him. Yuri only smirked even though he was turning blue.

"I- am hiding- nothing!" he said. Sagee stared at him. He wasn't lying. But why was he so confident? Why was-?! Her thoughts were cut off by something cutting through the right side of her chest. She let go off Yuri and was frozen. Down at the ground, everything became still and quiet. Maru had frozen in fear. * what the hell is going on up there?* he thought. All he could see was Yuri and Sagee both standing very still but Yuri was smirking as if he had won. That's when it hit him. he stood up despite his many cuts.

"SAGEE!" he shouted. Kiko stood up straight too. The demons were smirking while every Hybrid stared up at their queen praying that what they thought happened did not. Yuri Sai only continued to Smirk.

"I guess that won't be enough to kill you!" he said smoothly. Sagee finally came back to reality and found it hard to breathe now. She caught herself with her wings before she realized she was falling. She looked back at Yuri Sai and glared.

"bastard. You know - damn well that - this - won't - kill me!" She couldn't keep her focus. And she knew she had to finish this. She wasn't going to last much longer. She could feel her heart slowing down a lot faster then she had wanted it too. She could barely breath for that matter either. Yuri Sai smirked even more.

"pathetic thing. You're having difficulties keeping yourself alive. Too bad. But the pain is not done yet. No, far from it." Yuri's eyes were now like Kiko's. Sagee prepared herself best she could for whatever he had planned. But he was not directing anything at her. he pointed a finger down below. A white light escaped his fingertip and was sent down to the battlefield. Maru saw the light coming for him. * Lou thine No Pretono!* he mentally chanted. The attack basically did hit him but it only knocked him unconscious where it should have killed him. Kiko and Sagee noticed that all the Hybrids fell in the instant they made contact with the light. Kiko looked around frantically. She could tell every last one of them were dead. She looked up at Sagee eyes filled with tears. The Hybrid queen's eyes widened with fear. She looked forward to her city. The light was heading right for it. From her distance she knew that watchers had seen it coming. She could hear the evacuation callings being made. She heard yells and screams being made to her As if she could save them. She couldn't though. Yuri Sai laughed again.

"I told you the pain was far from over." He simply said. that's when he grabbed Sagee by the throat this time. She didn't care. Her body was slowly dying and she was still listening to make sure that by some string of luck, the Hybrids would be safe. She could still hear the cries, yells, and screams.... But then she heard nothing. All was silent except for the wind blowing by. Her hand, which she had kept on the arm strangling her, fell to her side motionless. Yuri Sai let go of her and saw her drop to her death but he forgot. There was still one Hybrid ally alive. Kiko caught Sagee before she fell. She was relieved to see that her friend was still alive. She landed gently on the ground but still had hold of Sagee.

"hey, Sagee, get over it. you can still get him back for that..... Sagee?" Kiko saw that Sagee was not responding. She just had a blank stare in her eye. Kiko looked over and saw Maru's body. * oh no! not Maru! Anyone but Maru!* she thought. She had no idea that he had cast the shield spell. She presumed him dead. Seemed that Sagee had the same thoughts. Sagee struggled to stand up but she finally did and walked to Maru's body. Kiko slowly followed her. Then she noticed that Yuri Sai was sending an attack towards the two Hybrids. "Lou thine No Ferno Pretono!" she chanted. A wall of fire surrounded the two Hybrids and melted the attack to nothing. Kiko smiled and then looked up at Yuri Sai. "BASTARD!" she flew up to him and they began fighting immediately.

Sagee fell to her knees beside Maru. She was losing blood fast and she couldn't focus at all now. But she could make out Maru, just barely. * sorry old friend. Seems that we don't get to do what we wanted.* she closed her eyes trying to keep from dying right there. She wasn't ready to die just yet. She took Maru's hand and opened her eyes. He still had some warmth. She sat up best she could and put her hand to his neck. He still had a pulse. She smiled. "you idiot. You scared me. Of course, not like you could tell me you used the Pretono spell. Sorry- that you had to go through - this. But I trust you to live on. There has to be at least one Hybrid - in this world." Sagee soon stopped smiling and looked up at Kiko and Yuri Sai fighting. She held up her hand. "De spell!" the shield vanished. Sagee looked at Maru again. She bent down and kissed his fore head before flying up to the fight.

Kiko had just gotten kneed in the stomach and was fixing to be killed By Yuri Sai when Sagee sent an inferno at him. Yuri looked at her and saw she was determined to kill him before she died. "Don't you get it?! you're supposed to die and that way you admit defeat! Even if you can kill me, you still have my army of demons to deal with." Sagee smirked. She pointed her hand down below at all the demons. A black light escaped her hand and killed every last demon. But instead of the bodies being left behind, they all disintegrated so that there was nothing but the bodies of the Hybrids.

"Kiko, set a shield around Maru and then fly off to the vampires and tell them what all has happened here. Then go to the Mutants and ask them to bury my kind in the best manner they can." Sagee said. she was gathering all of her last strength. Kiko nodded and flew down to Maru, put the spell around him and then flew off. Sagee looked back up to Yuri Sai who was very annoyed.

"What do you not get about the whole idea that you lost!"

"wrong!" Sagee flew up and kicked him the jaw again. Yuri Sai was obviously not ready for such a forceful attack. And blood was escaping from his mouth. She had also punched while he was trying to recover from the kick. He glared at her and she smirked at him.

"how does it feel to be beaten up by a dying female Hybrid?" she asked as she kicked him again only he was sent flying up to the sky. She smirked. This was what she needed. She held her hand up as she began chanting a spell she had never actually used before. "Aine de forche hie kitien kyo Lou thine No NEO DEATH!" a black light began to surround her and soon it covered every inch for miles around. It even caught Yuri Sai as high up as he was. Sagee could feel her body disappearing. The Neo Death spell killed everything it touched even the user, But there were tales that it was possible for the user to be reincarnated. Sagee highly doubted that she would be reincarnated though. Didn't seem to be very likely. She wasn't that kind of person. She looked down to where Maru was lying still unconscious. She smiled. "Well, at least... I ended... this...damned war..." Sagee closed her eyes as she disappeared completely from the face of the earth. Leaving Maru and Kiko as the soul survivors of the war. And leaving Maru the last Hybrid alive or at least letting him think that he was the last...

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