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::Person A talking to Person B mentally::


Sasha was standing in the kitchen, humming to the tune in her headphones that she had on. She turned the volume up on her CD player and then continued to pack stuff into a cooler. She had some sandwhiches in there, along with some sodas and water bottles. She picked up her CD player and walked over to the refrigerator and took out four containers. Two had Banana pudding in them, one had strawberries, and another had some fruit dip for the strawberries. Sasha balanced them on her hand and walked back over to the cooler and put the four conatiners in it, careful not to squish the sandwiches. She looked at the clock and it said nine o'clock in the morning. she blinked. Dang, normally i'd be tired after staying up all night. she thought. She shrugged. After the food, she was going to have to pack other things so that would take awhile. Plus she had to let her mother know, check on Miko and Shinta, who had also stayed up all night, and somehow find Maru and Kiko. Or maybe they'll find me... she sighed and then grabbed a soda from the cooler and opened it. She was about to take a sip, but then stopped. Something felt different. She turned around and saw a ghost-like Sagee leaning against the refrigerator. she dropped the soda can.

"Geez, Sagee. I'm not used to that. What brings you out here?" she said leaning down to pick up the can. Sagee waved her hand and the liquid went right back to the can and the can flew to Sasha's hand. The young Human blinked.

::What are you doing?:: Sagee asked. Sasha noticed that her mouth had not moved.

"Packing. what's it look like?" she said. Sagee rose an eyebrow at the teenager. Sasha only smiled. "Geez, serious as ever aren't we? It's just a little back talk. don't get so upset. I'm packing for a picnic."

::i'm not upset. Just... never mind. You're going out?:: Sagee watched as her reincarnation turned off her CD player and put her headphones around her neck.

"Yep. Gonna go out and have fun. Wanna come? I swear it ahs nothing to with demons. It won't kill you." Sasha smiled playfully messing with the jewels around her head. Sagee narrowed her eyes.

::ha ha. very funny, Sasha. Don't tease me like that. Who are you going out with? Miko and Shinta?:: Sasha nodded. ::Slacker. you should be out with Maru looking for Yuri Sai.:: Sasha stopped and looked back at her other self.

"I will be out with him. Maru and Kiko are coming with us. they were the first ones to know about it." She said. Sagee's eyes widened a bit and then she looked to the floor. Sasha tilted her head to the side as she looked at Sagee. "something wrong?" Sagee shook her head. Sasha blinked and shrugged. She was fixing to reach for a couple of apples, but they were suddenly flying around her head. Sasha blinked again. She looked to Sagee, who was making her finger going around and around. Then she made the red fruits float into the cooler. Sasha closed the cooler and then looked back to the Hybrid queen. "playful today too obviously. Do you want out today?" She asked. she reached for the band around her head, but Sagee quickly appeared infront of her and grabbed her wrist.

::no, if i appear, things can only be ruined. It's best if you stay out. I'm only to be let out to fight. Understand that. I already told you, this is your lifetime. Not mine. I'm merely a leech until this is all over.:: She 'said' softly. The Hybrid ghost took the band off of Sash'a head, but the human didn't change. Instead, Sagee lost her ghost like form and she had her body back. She quickly tied the band around Sasha's neck, and then she reverted back to her ghost state. Sasha blinked. ::When you're dead, you tend to try and find loop holes. or they find you. this is just one where i can live and you don't have to change. doesn't last for very long though.:: Sagee stepepd away from Sasha. The teenager smiled and then turned her back to Sagee. The Hybrid smiled slightlty, but then she frowned and looked away. Sasha grabbed her plate she had used for breakfast and then walked voer to the sink. Sagee cleared her throat and then watched Sasha. ::So, what all are you going to do at this picnic?::

"Eat, play, sleep, camp out. I called Miko's cell phone early this morning and asked her about it. she said Shinta and her would love to come with us and would even bring the tent so that we can camp out there. That is, if Allison and Aaron don't find out they were out last night and ground them." Sasha said washing the plate. Sagee had used her powers to open the cooler and was looking through it. Sasha turned around and saw her. "i'm bringing lunch. Miko and Shinta are bringing snacks and Maru and Kiko are gonna be in charge of supper." sagee looked back at Sasha and then nodded.

::Anything else?:: Sasha thought about that.

"Well, I'm bringing the outside toys. Frisbee, water guns, volleyball net and the volleyball. Miko said she'd bring her CD player and CDs. and Maru," Sasha smiled to herself and laughed a bit, "he said he'd be able to keep Miko and Shinta busy if nothing else. Kiko told me that he meant training." Sagee smiled.

::He'll definitely keep them busy. And you planned all of this early this morning?:: Sagee asked. she walked over by Sasha and sat on the counter. Sasha noticed how the both of them did similar things. Sasha got done with her plate and then sat on the counter next to Sagee.

"Miko said that it might take her awhile to keep Shinta up, but she was wide awake. Something happened last night, but she wouldn't tell me what. so i left it alone. Maru got enough rest and said he may not sleep for another two weeks. Kiko was with Miko and Shinta, and once again wouldn't tell me what happened, and said that she would be fine too." the human began to fiddle with her shirt, which was the same one she had worn last night. she hadn't changed in all the time she had been home.

:: i see...:: Sagee simply said. she suddenly looked up and then to her right where the entrance to the kitchen was. In no time, the Hybrid ghost had disappeared and no later, Sasha's mother, Sarah Glenn, walked through the door. She currently had her nose in a book she had started on some time ago. Sasha whistled to catch her mother's attention. Sarah looked up from her book and saw Sasha sitting on the counter

"hi Baby girl. When did you get in?" she asked. she noticed the cooler that was still open and she looked inside. "Going out just as you come back?" Sarah looked to her daughter, who jumped off of the counter.

"Afraid so, Mama. Miko, Shinta, some other friends, and I decided to have a picnic. We're camping out too. Hope you don't mind?" she asked. She walked to her mother's side and put her arms around her. Sarah smiled.

"Ah, hell no i don't mind. Good to see you all cheers again, Baby girl. What about your friend that got hurt?" sarah asked. she took an apple out of the cooler and was fixing to take a bite out of it, but Sasha grabbed it from her and put it back in the cooler. Then she closed it.

"He's better now. He'll be with us too." she said. She smiled to herself and blushed slightly. Sarah smirked as she looked at Sasha. Sasha noticed the look and then blinked. "Mama!!!" she said. Sarah laughed and then walked out of the kitchen to the living room. Sasha growled slightly, knowing perfectly well what was going through her mother's head. She walked out of the kitchen as well and then saw her mother sitting on the couch reading her book again. Sasha rose an eyebrow, wondering why her moher had suddenly dropped it.

"So, baby girl, he'll be coming by won't he?" sarah asked, never taking her eyes off of the page. Sasha fumed.

"OH!!! I knew it!" she said. Sarah sat up and smiled.

"Oh come on. As your mother i have the right to be nosy and barge into your life. Anything i say can and will be held to embarrass you until the day i die." she said. Sasha rolled her eyes at the saying her mother had made up when she was little. "So..... is he nice? silent? is he hot?" Sasha gaped at her mother. then she shook her head and crossed her arms.

"I'm not obligated to answer any questions considering my personal life. If you have any questions you'll have to take it up with my attorney. Other then that, i shall use the right to remain-." She was interrupted by a knock at the door. Sarah and Sasha both looked at the door. Sasha, just by knowing her own luck, and Sarah, just by being a mother, knew who was behind that door. Sasha smiled, realizing that she had the upper hand. She rushed to the door, but Sarah threw a pillow at her daughter, causing her to trip, and soon Sarah was the one to the door this time. she smirked back at Sasha and then opened the door.

Maru looked to the newly opened door and blinked as he saw Sarah staring at him. She blinked as well and began looking him over. He stared at the woman mainly in cofusion and then looked inside the apartment to see Sasha getting up and rubbing her head. He blinked in confusion again. Sasha looked at her mother and took the pillow in her hands. Sarah then quickly smiled at Maru.

"Well, i must say. Sasha has my eye when it comes to men. You're one of the hottest guys i've seen and i've seen a lot." she said. Sasha gaped and then whacked her mother with the pillow.

"MOTHER!!!! Thanks for ruining my appetite!!! I did NOT need to hear you say anything like that! And kindly NEVER say anything like that ever again!!" Sasha scolded. Sarah giggled and looked at Sasha, with a big cat-like grin. Sasha pulled away from her mother incase she decided to try anything. Sarah then turned her attention to Maru again, who looked as dumbfounded as he felt.

"Ignore her. I'm Sarah Glenn, Sasha's mother. Please come in!" she said. She grabbed Maru by the arm and dragged him inside. Sasha gaped at her mother again. I really do wonder who the adult is in this apartment... she thought. Maru looked back at her with yet another confused look on his face. She got up and then grabbed Maru's other arm. He saw where this was going and shook his head at Sasha. She blinked, but ignored him and glared at her mother. Sarah laughed and let go of Maru raising her hands up as if surrrendering. "okay, okay! I'll be a good mother, and leave you to each other. But rest assured, i'll get some "quality" time with him, Sash." Sarah grabbed her book, winked at the two and walked off to her room. Maru then looked to Sasha.

"What the hell was up with that?!" he asked. Sasha shook her head.

"Obviously you've never been around the mother of a modern teenaged girl." she said. Maru rose an eyebrow at that and then followed her into the kitchen. He could smell the aroma in the air as if it were cooking right infront of him. He took in a deep breath.

"Eggs and toast, both slightly burned (How did that happen?), with grape jelly, milk.... and strawberries?" he asked. Sasha stared at him, but then smiled.

"i didn't eat strawberries this morning. Those are in the cooler." she said. Maru opened the cooler and grabbed a sandwich. Sasha took it from him, put it back in the cooler, and closed it. "First Sagee, then Mom, and now you. Will you all please stay out of it?!" she said. Maru looked at her. Sasha looked back at him realizing what she said. "er... yeah... i got a surprise visit from her today..." she said. She looked away and then found a sudden "fascination" with the counter. Maru smiled at her and then put his arm around her. She looked back at him. "Well, look who turned over a completely new leaf." she said. Maru blinked and then glared at her.

"Geez, i feel really loved after that." he said. He took his arm off of her and then looked away from her. Sasha shook her head and then took his hand.

"More then you might think..." she murmured. Maru smiled at that, but still did not look at her. She looked down at her clothes and scowled. "i still have to change and pack the toys." she looked back at him. "If i see anything missing, your nose is paying for it." she said. She walked out of the kitchen and Maru helped himself to an apple from the cooler. I think i can handle that price. I'm starving! he thought. he took a bite out of it and then smiled to himself....

~*~*~ Miko and Shinta... ~*~*~

Shinta closed his tired, blue eyes as he felt slumber take him over once again. ahh.... peace and quiet... outside... in the sun.... it's perfect out here... nothing... could... disturb....


"me...." Shinta opened his eyes, and sat up groggily, and glared over at Miko, who had apparently yelled at him. She was setting up her cordless sound system. "WHAT?!" he shouted.

"Don't fall asleep! Sasha, Maru and Kiko should be here anytime now." she said. She was now going through her CD collection (which was rather large) trying to find the ones she really wanted to listen to. Shinta glared and waved her off with his hand. He lied back down and closed his eyes once again. Miko looked back and glared at him. "SHINTA!!!"

"GIVE ME A BREAK MIKO!!!!" he shouted. he still didn't get up, or even open his eyes. Miko about threw one of the speakers at him but then thought of how much she had payed for it, and changed her mind. I'll get him later. She got out six of ehr CDs and palced them in the CD player, hit shuffle, repeat all, and then pressed play. What she expected to be a loud, energetic one, turned out to be a soothing, slow song. She scowled and was fixing to hit the skip button. A hand turning up the volume was blocking her way. She looked up and saw Kiko floating above the system. Well, the floating thing made her think it was Kiko. She didn't look like it for sure. Kiko's hair was bright blonde and chin length, and curly. She was wearing pink short overalls. She also wore no shoes. Her eyes were bright blue. And her nails were polished to match the color of her overalls. Miko blinked as the other set of blue eyes met her own.

"Don't change it! I love this song!" she said smiling. Miko backed away from the child. Kiko tilted her head to the side.

"Geez Kid! What kind of demon are you? Always changing your look like i change my earrings. And that's like every hour!" she said. Shinta snickered as he heard her and she glared back at him. Kiko looked back at him and smiled.

"I'm actually a butterfly demon. That's how i can change. You won't see any elemental demons unless you are really lucky." She said. Suddenly her real ears were replaced with dog like ears ontop of her head. The left one twitched as if catching the sound of something. Miko blinked again. Kiko just smiled. "They're finally here. Not surprising they're the last to show up." The ears disappeared and Kiko grabbed Miko's wrist, changed into her older form, only this time, she kept the clothes, and lifted off of the ground with Miko in hand. The Blonde freaked out for awhile but got over it quickly as Kiko flew higher. Miko spotted Shinta and took off her shoe and threw it at him. It hit her target.

Shinta looked up and saw the shoe coming but couldn't do anything about it. It hit him smack dab in the head. "ARGH!!!!! DAMMIT!!!" he sat up with the shoe in hand, ready to throw it at anyone he saw. He looked up and blinked as he saw Miko sticking her tongue out at him. He glared, caught the shoe on fire and then threw it back up to her. "CUT IT OUT!" he shouted. Miko yelled as the shoe was coming right for her. Then a small gush of water appeared and put the fire out. Kiko looked down and Saw Sasha, who was Maru's back, catch it and then smile up at her. Miko waved. Maru landed easily and then glared at Shinta.

"Those spells are not to play with. So quit acting like a child." he scolded. Shinta rolled his eyes and fell back on his back. Sasha got off of Maru and then threw the shoe at him. it hit him again. He yelled out in pain and looked up rubbing his still sore head. he looked at Sasha.

"Not gonna greet me are you?" she said putting her hands on her hips. Shinta smiled at her and then shook his head. she pouted. "Aw, i feel great right about now. And i brought banana pudding." she said turning her back to him. Shinta yawned, smiling aftwerwards and got up to go stand by her. Miko glared. Geez, won't do anything for me, but he'll move the sun, earth and moon for her. you got it bad when you don't listen to your big sister anymore. she thought. then she thought that he never listened to her in the first place. Dammit... She thought again. Kiko smiled again and flew down to the ground so that she could put Miko down. After her human friend was safe on the ground, kiko changed back to her child like form and ran over to Maru and Sasha, who was unpacking the cooler. She tackled Sasha to the ground and hugged her tightly. Maru shook his head, stole another apple, and began unpacking again. Hyrbids were particularly fond of fruit and he was for some reason very hungry. Must be because i didn't get anything to eat for two weeks.... wait.. did i? he shrugged. Sasha laughed as Shinta helped her up and Kiko perched on his head instead. "It has been a while since i've seen you, hasn't it, Kiko?" Sasha said. Kiko nodded. Miko smiled and then glared at Shinta, who just ignored her.

"So, dessert first, then dinner, right?" Shinta asked, peeking into the container with strawberries. Maru took them away from him, and Sasha smacked his hand. "Ow... okay okay... Dessert only!" Shinta said with a smile. Sasha shook her head and sat down by him and handed him a sandwich. "Aw... what's the point of going out without your parents there to tell you what to do, if you still follow their rules?" Sasha laughed out loud this time and then put her arm on Shinta's shoulder, using him as a leaning post, like she always did. Maru looked up from "his" strawberries and rose an eyebrow at Sasha's actions. She noticed and blinked. Maru shook his head realizing he was just overprotective. After that thought hit him for about five seconds, he choked on a strawberry. Kiko looked at him in confusion and patted him on the back, stealing several fruits for herself.

"You're supposed to chew those before you swallow. Otherwise it makes it difficult." Miko said. Maru looked up at her and laughed sarcastically. Sasha looked up from her sandwich and small conversation with Shinta and looked at Maru. What is your deal? she thought, knowing he would hear her. he looked at her.

::Nothing. Just... kinda wierd... being with someone... It's been three thousand years for heaven's sake.:: he thought back. She smiled and then looked back to Shinta.

"So what happened last night?" she asked. Shinta took a bite of his sandwich and shook his head. He swallowed and then looked back to her.

"nothing... /that/ interesting. Just Miko and me going to a vampire/mutant club, fighting off some demons, and meeting the Leaders of Vampires and Mutants, Kia and Zachariah. Did you know that Most Mutants were spanish and most Vampires were European? And that demons are mainly Asian?" he said. Sasha blinked and shook her head. "Well, i learned that last night. i learned also how to tell the difference between a natural born vampire and a created one." he added. Maru looked to Miko.

"You actually survived Kia? This i must hear." he said reaching for a strawberry, only realizing that most of them were crammed in Kiko's mouth. "KIKO!" Miko smiled and handed him a sandwich. he didn't really want it, being fruit hungry, but he took it.

"Zachariah wasn't about to let her kill us. Seeing that we were humans able to pose as mutants fascinated him. And when we told them about Sagee, he was the only one to actually beleive us. He seemed so... well calm. Nothing really ever bothered him." Miko said. Maru was whacking Kiko on the back trying to get her to spit out the strawberries. he looked to Miko and nodded.

"Zachariah is usually like that. goes with the flow. If you see any other side of him, you won't live to tell about it, unless he's protecting you." he said. Sasha looked to him.

"Sounds like you've been the one protected. The great Hybrid Maru actually needed protecting?" she said. Maru glared at her.

"A one time thing, Sasha." he argued. Kiko cleared her throat this time, smiling, and then Maru glared at her. Shinta smiled and got a soda out of the cooler.

"After that, they educated us with some of thier fun facts about their races. Kiko even joined in. Although, by the time Kiko started talking, Miko was dead asleep as she always is in any class. And kiko was the first to talk." he said. Miko smiled and nodded, saying she never could stay awake to save her life in a classroom. Maru finished his sandwich and then took a soda for himself.

"Alright, What color eyes do a born vampire have?" he asked. He was gonna quiz Shinta.

"Green or green-blue. with silver hair or blonde if they appear in public." Shinta said. Maru smirked and nodded. Sasha smiled and hit Shinta on the arm. "Ow..." he said, faking it. he rubbed his arm and smiled at her.

"When it comes to learning new things, Shinta's a sponge." she said. Shinta blushed lightly and Maru tilted his head to the side at this.

"A sponge huh? And you're still in the same grade with her?" Maru pointed to Sasha who glared at him. he knew why, but he ignored her. He was just wanting to get her mad. "Don't give me that look, Sasha. Just keep your mouth shut and finish your sandwich, like a good girl." he said tauntingly. she glared at him again and then threw a rock at him. he caught it, but when he looked back up, Sasha connected her fist with his nose... again. "ARGH!!!!" Kiko was rolling with laughter and Miko was giggling. Shinta blinked. If Yuri Sai couldn't kill him, Sasha will. he thought. Sasha blinked, realizing what she had done and then walked over to his side. he glared up at her, lying on his back, covering up his nose. "Thanks a lot. it's bleeding!" he said. Sasha blinked again and then tried to get him to show her, but he refused. "No! first you hurt me and then you want to be my nurse? You're two faced!" he said sitting up, still covering his nose. Sasha rolled her eyes.

"Well, yeah i'm two faced! i am the reincarnation of Sagee remember?"

"I'm not talking about that!!" When he looked back at her, she tackled him, and they both went rolling. Miko and Shinta blinked and then looked to Kiko who was smiling.

"Are they laughing with each other?" Shinta asked.

"Are they even still sane?" Miko asked. Kiko smiled, nodding to the both of them. Miko and Shinta's jaws dropped. Maru and Sasha, actually getting along?! Unheard of, or even dreamed of. Shinta narrowed his eyes, losing surpise, but gaining suspicion. He was soon distracted when Kiko tossed the frisbee at him. He caught it, but only because he held up his hands to keep the frisbee from hitting his face. Miko stood up and looked down at Sasha and Maru. They had stopped rolling, ending up with Sasha ontop of Maru, arms crossed, and apparently not moving from her seat. Maru sat up best he could, which wasn't very easy, and then he glared at her.

"Get up!"

"No. You're kinda comfy, surprisingly. Plus, you lied about your nose."

"Get off Sasha."



"oka-?!" Maru grabbed her around the waist and tossed her over his shoulder. "AHH! MARU!!!" she squealed. He seemed unaffected. He actually looked as if this happened all the time, like it was casual. Miko smiled. Well, guess the better girl got the hottie. Poor Shinta. Knowing him, he won't get it for a while though.

"Come on you two! Kiko is daring my Frisbee talents and i challenge all you wannabes!" she said. Maru looked back at her and then smirked. He jumped off of the ground and high up in the air with ease, causing Sasha to squeal again, and then for a few moments, actually seemed to fly in the air. Maru tossed Sasha up then caught her in his arms and she glared at him. She looked down at the ground and saw that they were flying above Miko and Shinta. She looked back at Maru.

"Who needs wings when you got this?" she said. She put her arms around his neck and he landed easily again and stood up, not putting Sasha down.

"It's temporary. No where near the thrill of actually flying above skyscrapers for as long as you want." Maru looked to the sky, and he seemed very distant, although he was so close. Sasha smiled and then flicked him on the nose, signaling that she wanted down. He smirked and simply let her drop to the ground. She yelled out, but soon got up, rubbing her butt. She glared at him.

"Geez, i'm easily broken you know?" She scowled. Maru snickered and then held out his hand just as the frisbee came for Sasha. She blinked. "Oh...." she murmured. She looked up and saw Miko waving at them waiting for Maru to throw it back. Sasha took it from him and threw it back instead. After throwing the disk, she started running over to Miko so that she get closer to the game. Maru put his hands in his pockets and began walking after her, whistling. She was right. I've turned over a completley new leaf in such a short time. he thought.

~*~*~ Later that day ~*~*~

Maru and Shinta both scowled as they came back in wet clothes, while the sound of the girls laughing their heads off was behind them. Maru immediately took off his shirt and threw it down on the ground. After that, he squatted down and set a small circle of fire around the piece of clothing, in hopes of warming it and drying it. Shinta blinked but then took off his own shirt and tossed it at Maru, who caught it and put it with his shirt. Shinta sat down and sighed.

"Man! They completely ganged up on us. It was unfair." he whined. Maru looked up at him with an annoyed look. Shinta gulped slightly. "Sorry, sorry. I'll shut up." he said. Maru rolled his eyes and walked over to a bag Kiko had brought from thier apartment. It had some clothes in it for him. He reached inside and grabbed a red button up shirt. He tossed it to Shinta who caught it. "Thanks." he murmured. Maru looked at the young human as he put the shirt on.

"Relax, Kid. I'm not who you thought i was." Maru said. Shinta looked up at him and tilted his head to the side. The Hybrid ran a finger across his three thousand year old scar, and sighed. I'm far from being that man again. he thought. Shinta thought he saw a small smile make its way on Maru's face, but it was soon gone as the Hybrid man walked over to the tree they had made camp under and jumped into the branches, setting himself down comfortably. Shinta got up and walked by the tree, and used it to lean against as he looked out to where Miko, Kiko, and Sasha were playing in the swimming hole they had created. Miko had burned a hole using the fire spell and while it was still pretty hot at the bottom, Kiko filed the hole up with water, creating their own inground pool that was even heated. Shinta smiled to himself as he watched Sasha play around. She was the only one in the water at the moment, and Miko and Kiko were trying to throw some water balls at her. Miko had picked up the water spell pretty quickly, much like Sasha had picked up the Wind spell. Shinta sighed and sat down, still watching over Sasha.

"Hey, Maru," Shinta called up. Maru opened his eyes, looked to see if Sasha was alright, and then looked down at Shinta. "You... did /love/ Sagee, right? From what i've heard it could be that or it could just be a boyfriend-girlfriend thing. So what was it?" Maru smiled to himself and relaxed again. This time he was watching over Sasha.

"Yeah, i did. Why do you want to know, Shinta?" he asked. Shinta noticed that his voice seemed different. Like it was a new person talking. Not the stubborn, proud Hybrid he knew. he shook the thoughts away.

"No particular reason. Just asking..." Maru smiled, since he knew Shinta wasn't through asking questions. "How did it happen?"

"To be honest, it ended up from pure hate to pure love. When we were really young, our parents were in constant contact. Sagee's parents, the king and queen at the time hired my father as head of security. And Sagee's personal bodyguard. So we saw each other a lot when we were little. You would think we would get along seeing each other so often, but we bickered, and fought, loathing each other. She was set up on her high horse knowing she was royalty, which she thought made her better then me, and for that i saw her a spoiled brat and a person i did not want to see in power of the Hybrids." Maru chuckled as he pictured himself and Sagee fighting as kids. Shinta was stunned by the idea of Sagee being spoiled. Cool, calm, serious, somewhat concerned and somewhat caring Sagee? Wow, there's something i wouldn't have ever thought of on my own. he thought. Maru laughed aloud after hearing that thought. Shinta looked up at him and smiled sheepishly. He had forgotten Hybrids could read other people's minds. Maru just sat there, never once taking his eyes off of Sasha. "But i'm not sure if my once steel plated love, is holding out..." he said mainly thinking out loud. Shinta blinked as he looked at Maru again. "Anyway, come on with the questions. I know you aren't done."

"How did you know it was Sagee?" Shinta asked. "How did you even /know/? If you've hated someone like you did Sagee for that long, How could you even /think/ it could be love or at the least it could be her?" he asked. Maru frowned, realizing that he didn't quite have an answer to that. He shrugged.

"I'm not really sure... Huh... the one thing on this subject i don't know about, is how i knew..." he chuckled again. "Why are you wan-?"

"AHHHH!!!!" Maru and Shinta both jumped up. Shinta began running towards the girls, while Maru just Jumped over there. When they both got there, Sasha ran up to them and hid behind Shinta. Kiko and Miko were laughing their heads off. Maru blinked and looked at Sasha.

"What's up with you?" he asked.

"Miko and Kiko grabbed a snake from somewhere and tossed it at me! Scared the hell out of me when it landed on my head!!" she said. Shinta looked and saw a snake swimming through the water. Maru blinked, and then looked back at Sasha.

"That's it? A snake? You got us worried for a snake?" he asked. Sasha looked at him and glared at him. Maru shook his head, and then started chuckling. Sasha put her hands on her hips.

"Oh so it's funny now? Geez you're such a jerk most times you know?" she said crossing her arms. Maru continued to chuckle, which eventually turned into actual laughing. Sasha stared at him. She had never seen him actually laugh. Miko and Kiko were still laughing as well so they ddin't notice. Shinta and Sasha stared at Maru, shocked and amazed as Maru just laughed like a normal person who was enjoying themself. "Maru? are you ...okay?" Sasha asked, a smile creeping on her own face. Shinta was chuckling too, trying to sustain the laughter, and poor Sasha broke down to fits of giggles. It wasn't long before the whole group was laughing together, and for one moment, none of them had a care about anything. Not school, not Demons, not social life, not a thought about anything. They were for once, just a normal group of friends, sharing good times together.

Maru was the first one to stop laughing. He looked back at Shinta and Sasha who had managed to only giggle and they looked back at him. Maru's eyes locked with Sasha's and he immediately gave her a soft smile. Sashe wiped away a tear that had been caused by her laughing so hard. Shinta decided to get revenge for earlier and tackled Kiko and Miko into the swimming "pool." Sasha smiled and looked back at Maru.

"What was the friendly smile for?" she asked. He shook his head.

"Nothing, just a small thank you."

"For what?"

"Just... being who you are. In the beginning, i kinda hated it when you were yourself, because... well, i was just a jackass."

"You're stil kind of a jackass now, Maru. But After nearly losing you and spending time with you last night, i value that side of you a bit more now. It gives you some spice." Sasha put her hands behind her head and lied down. Maru rose an eyebrow.

"meaning what?"


"that wouldn't refer to my /age/ would it?"




"Oh Come on! Technically with the way i look i'm not /that/ much older then you."

"Maru, think about that." Sasha said closing her eyes. She adjusted the grey T-shirt she had gone swimming in and sat up. Since her hair was wet, it was easy to manage into a ponytail without a ribbon or anything to hold it. Maru moved to where he sat behind her and he began putting her hair in seperate braids. She smiled. "A trick you learned for your own hair?" she asked. Maru stared at her for a minute. He knew she was referring to his long hair he had so long ago. But he didnt't remember telling her about that. Sasah realized it too, but thankfully for her, Maru shrugged and continued braiding her hair. Sasha kept quiet and started thinking. Maru decided to stay out of her thoughts incase she turned around and punched him again. She sighed and closed her eyes letting the sun soak into her skin. She opened her eyes again and watched Shinta and Kiko gang up on Miko. She smiled, but then frowned. "He'll get hurt..." she murmured. Maru looked at her.

"Who? Shinta? How could he get hurt? And by what?"

"Us...." she said quietly. Maru stopped braiding her hair and looked out to Shinta and the other girls. He didn't quite understand, but he thought about it for a minute, and then understood what she was saying.

"You really think his crush has developed that much?" he asked. Sasha looked away and then back at Maru.

"I know it. Something happened at school one day and it kinda proved to me that he would be so hurt if we were actually... well if he found out that.... that..."

"That we've found our feelings for each other?" Maru finished. Sasha nodded. She was going to apologize for not being able to say it, but Maru interrupted her. "You've never felt like this before, so it's new for you. I understand that. I also understand that you don't want to hurt him. But i also sense that you don't want to end anything. Not between me, not between him." Maru said. Sasha nodded, thankful that he was so understanding. "Your mind is so easy to read when you're relaxed." he said. Sasha blinked and then growled.

"OH YOU JERK!!!" She turned around and attempted to punch him, but he ducked quickly. He looked up, but she tried it again. He ducked again. She glared. "wings, fangs, guns, or bleeding eyes, guys are ALL the same. Would it hurt you to just TRY to understand me?!" she yelled. maru shook his head, which got her even angrier. She stood up and started kicking at him. He was taken by surprise, but jumped out of the way. Heh... she's going all out on me... "Lou Thine no AERONO!!!"

"Wha-?!" maru was blown away from the sudden gust of wind and he landed in the tree branches. He blinked and then scowled. damn it Sagee. That just /had/ to be the spell that saved her life. he sat up and saw a very angry Sasha looking up at him. he blinked. "I'm sorry, okay? Just cool down." Sasha narrowed her eyes and then walked off. Maru scowled and then leaned on the tree tapping his fingers on the bark. "Wings, fangs, or swords, all women are the same. Tempermental and so bitchy." He closed his eyes and decided to take a nap since he was comfortable and everything. a nap actually would do me some good... guess i ahven't completely recovered. I should take it-


"easy.... Great, probably another snake." Maru opened his eyes and jumped out of the tree and started walking back to teh water hole. He looked up and saw Adult Kiko carrying Miko in her arms and saw Shinta and Sasha running away from something. Maru stared and then narrowed his eyes. Sasha looked back and her eyes widened as a huge snake demon came slithering, catching up easily. Maru's eyes widened as well. "SASHA!!!" Shinta looked back and saw Sasha trip and fall to the ground, and the demon ready to swallow her......


Ravage: @_@ i know, bad cliffy, corny cliffy, but forgive me. i HAVE to put this damned thing up. I can't think of anything else good to go with this either so hopefully i'll have that cleared up in chapter thirteen. *thinks about it* WAHOO! THIRTEEN CHAPTERS! LONGEST STORY EVER!!!!! well, until next chapter, BUH BYE!!!