I've almost learned to feel again,
The way I always used to without any pain,
But this time it's working out,
So suddenly I'm stuck without a plan,
It's not enough that I don't feel close to anyone,
It's everything around me, a beast trapped in a cage,
I'm a prisoner of despair caught without my sun,
No one understands why I hold onto rage,
I know I need help but I help myself,
Confident to think I can handle being on my own,
Because there's nothing to tie me down,
Except living in the middle of this town,
Sometimes I wish I could vanish, just fade,
Because I don't want to be close to anyone here,
Years ago their words would cut me like a blade,
But now I just couldn't feel, so anytime they'd talk I just wouldn't be
You wonder why I think I have problems, I just can't care,
But I idly sit by while they peel off layer after layer.