Angry Girl

I can see the angry girl
She sits in the corner
Breaking sticks that look like us
Her hurt and anger shines like a halo
Around her hands and her head
All knowing
All seeing
The anger in us
She smiles craftily
And you know
Someones going to die
That she would smile at us
Without baring her fangs
Would tell us that she's no longer hated
But she is
She is hated
No one wants her
How does that make her feel?
Does she hate us for it?
Or does she love the hate we put in her?
Love is not easily come to the angry
She sings songs of love and ligth
But will she ever turn away from the dark?
She'll never die in the arms of a loved one
But since I'm willing to hold her
Against insanity
Will she be okay?

Andrea Salt
July, 30, 2002
For Victoria Kjellander, best friend and confidant