Destiny Unfulfilled

Disclaimer: These people, while in a real life situation, are not real, but only based off of real people. I know both of them, and I in fact am the girl, she's kind of my alter-ego, and her thoughts are close to what I was thinking in the situation. Please don't steal any of the people in this, I put a little angsty work into them, they make me proud.

Hope walked alongside Ryan, hoisting her backpack up onto her shoulder as the heat pounded down on the both of them. The bus stop was only a few feet away, but it felt like miles that day in the weather. She just hoped Ryan didn't find sweaty girls too unattractive.
Ryan. He was the freshman that she'd been lusting after for awhile now, him with his tipped blond hair that, when spiked, kinda curled a little. His eyes were the prettiest she'd ever seen on a guy, a hazel ring and then got kinda yellow-green around the pupil. The two toned eyes always drove her crazy. Especially in Ryan. Plus, he was tall, she liked her boys tall so she could rest her head on their shoulder and they could put their head on the top of hers. It made her feel loved, sheltered at least.
He was the basic guy that dressed like a jock, but wasn't an athlete. He wore the school colors, green and yellow, a jersey over a white t-shirt and the green shiny pants that almost everyone liked wearing. Everyone but her at least.
Ryan and Collin had been talking about something on the bus on the way there, something they hadn't wanted her hearing. Collin had looked grim, but he always looked like that unless he smiled. Ryan hadn't wanted her to touch him after that, when all day he'd been touching her and hugging her and poking at her to the point where she had considered elbowing him in the ribs a few times. But she hadn't really minded, it just meant he was interested.
They sat and she faced him, wondering what he saw in her. She was short, about 5' 5" and a little curved in all the right places, or so she had been told a few times. Today her chin length hair was a little frizzy, but the curls she had set it in helped to control that. She vowed to herself that she would take her jeans off when she got home and would leap into an ice cold bath. She defenitly needed it.
" So," She started. " You said you would tell me when we got off the bus. We're off the bus, so start talking."
Ryan sat back and sighed heavily. " I didn't want to tell you, because you hate her."
" Hate who?"
" Juliana."
She was starting to get a little nervous, but hoped he only liked her. Juliana was a little chick who was the most annoying thing in the world. And she was two feet shorter than Ryan. Hope knew Juliana was only nice to her because she wanted to get closer to Collin and Roger, but had never said anything.
" She's not that bad-" Hope started.
" You're cute and all, but I've kinda been going out with Juliana for awhile now."
All of a sudden, Hope couldn't look at him anymore. She turned and faced away from him, looking straight ahead at the mini-mart across the street, at her hands, at anything but him. She bit her lip to keep from saying something, or worse, crying. She wasn't pretty when she cried, and the heat would make it even worse.
" Why didn't you tell me at the beginning?" She heard herself say, sounding a little angry.
" I don't know." Ryan shrugged and that only made her angrier.
" You led me on! You bastard!" She balled her hands up and pressed her nails into her palm, hoping the pain would distract her from tears.
" I did not!"
" Yes you did! You hugged me and told me I was cute and flirted with me and you knew you had a girlfriend and I didn't! If that's not leading me on then what is?" She stood and walked a few steps away, not wanting to be near him. He stayed where he was.
" I'm sorry." Was all he had to say.
Hope whirled around and snarled a little. " You're sorry? You're sorry? Sorry for what? Making me think I had a chance when I didn't? Letting me think you liked me?"
" But I do like you!" Now he was standing and just as flustered as she was.
" But you're going out with Juliana, which means you like her better than me!" She cursed at him silently, knowing that he wasn't going to like her anymore if she called him a backstabbing homie-hopper. Then something occurred to her.
" You probably wouldn't even had told me if Collin hadn't said something, would you? You would have just let me carry on the way I was and look even stupider than ever!" She shouted, and her words were washed away in the roar of the arriving bus and a wave of heat that engulfed her like a blanket.
Hope watched as Ryan got on the bus, and even though this was the one she needed to take home as well, she would just take the next one. She wanted to start crying, but she wouldn't give him that. She wouldn't give him anything of hers anymore.
15 minutes later, she got on the next bus, thanking the Tri-Met gods that the buses had air conditioning. Sitting in the back and putting her backpack next to her so no one would sit by her, she sullenly stared out the window and waited for her stop. When it came, she got off and stiffly walked to two blocks home. When she got to her room, she turned on her computer and waited for it to load up. It finally did, and when she looked at the desktop picture she had, she couldn't help herself.
Sitting shakily on the bed, she wrapped her arms around herself and started to cry softly, letting the tears run down her face while she looked at the picture of the two people locked in an eternally happy embrace, looks of shining joy on both of their faces. She hated them both right now, even if they were just drawings. She wanted them to die, and everyone else that was happy.
" How many little elven hearts have you broken?" She snarled at the elven man on the desktop, and that made her cry even harder.
She tucked her legs under her and rocked back and forth, trying not to remember how much fun she had had that day with him.
" I hate you." She quietly whispered into the stifling hat of her room. " And you don't deserve it, but I hate you too Juliana. Damn you both."

A/N: You know what? I'm listening to All American Rejects as I write this too? Ironic isn't it? I don't own them either. Okay, the ones who were mentioned in this are not real people, but I do know the ones that they were based off. Unfortunately, I know them. And just so you know, until after he told me that he was going out with the chica, I didn't say any of those things, but I sure as hell thought them! And yes, I did get on the bus, but I payed more attention to one of the other guys that had come with us than him. You know, basic rejection reaction.