Stop patronizing me!
I'm not a little girl anymore.
Stop protecting me!
I can take care of myself.
Stop being there!
It's much better when you're away.
Stop being so mean!
I hate you for it.
Stop trying to win me over!
It's not going to work.
Stop lying to me!
I can handle the truth.
Stop liking me!
You're better off hating me.
Stop giving me lectures!
I get enough from my parents.
Stop pressing me!
I'll be whomever I want to be.
Stop talking to me!
I like silence better.
Stop it right there!
Just go away.
Stop trying to love me!
I can't handle any more dependency.
Stop giving me things!
I'll just break them.
Stop trying to understand me!
You'll end up dead from effort.
Stop going insane!
I can bear the burden for both of us.

Andrea Salt
July, 31, 2002