As the rain falls down from the skies
As the tears fall down from her eyes
All love is replaced by doubt
He doesn't understand what this is about
He stares at her through eyes so weary
It's only her that he cares for dearly
This time she has ended it all
He closes his eyes and lets the tears fall
Her words crawling through his head
As he sits alone on top of his bed
She cries as she's says "I'm sorry, this is the end"
She says she hopes they can be friends
To his sorrowful "why"
She gives him a pain based reply
She told him they meant nothing anymore
She told him it didn't feel like before
She tells him to move on, now he can do anything
She oddly smiles and says "You could even be a king."
He smiles back to no one and says "Thanks for the pain"
Remembers she said "do anything" so he cut his wrists again.