A Daughter's Secret

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Chapter 3

Meria woke from her sleep with a yell, sitting up in bed and gasping like she had just been swimming in the river. Connor woke also, thought a little less explosively. He saw his wife crying and glowing with an inner light and collected her to him, hoping he could do something before anything too bad happened.
" Bad dream?" He asked, smoothing down her long blond hair and kissing her forehead.
" No, more like something in me broke open, like a dam." She sobbed, but the tears didn't last long and she calmed down, resting her head on his broad shoulder and staring at the coals in the fireplace, wondering where she had seen that color before, the bright burning red and golds. " Like my magics sensed something and..."
Meria threw off her husbands hands and climbed out of bed. " The fox has gotten into the chicken coop, no worry at all. I just don't know why my wards would react like that." She put on her robe and then her cloak and grabbed the slingshot from her skirt pocket. " Be back in a few minutes." And was gone out the door.
Connor could not lay back down and go to sleep. There was too much worrying him at the moment. The last time he had seen her glow like that was the night that she had tried to kill herself. She had let her magics surround her and envelop her like a glowing cloak, making her skin like moonlight and her hair like bloody rubies made into strands of silk. She'd looked even more beautiful when he had destroyed the necklace and her elven glamour had come off. Beautiful she had been, but dangerous and alien she had become to him.
He hated elves with a passion, ever since his family had gotten killed in a raid of forest elves, it didn't matter what kind they were, he had killed any that crossed his path. But once he had seen Meria lying there, near death because of him, he could not bear to lose her. Meredith he loved, his daughter so young and tender, but expendable. He had given her to the elves, to her mother's sister to be raised among her own kind.
And now Meria was showing signs of slipping back into her old self, the woman that she had been before he had bartered his daughter away for a memory potion. He hated that woman, and would do anything to keep her from coming back.

Meria walked out the door of her home and searched around the chicken coop. There was no signs of life in there except for the chickens and the bugs. No fox, no predator at all. She was confused, for if something large and dangerous were to have come through, then it would have caused a reaction like the one she had just had, and yet there was nothing here. The moonlight shone down on her and she sighed, relishing in the feel of the rays of silver light dancing over her body.
She had always been able to feel the moon and its light, like a lovers caress after a long night of passion. It had always been there, even when no one else was. There was a sparkle in them this night, and she followed it, dancing with the rays as she hummed a song to herself. But then the moon went behind a cloud and she stopped, looking around at where she had danced herself to.
Looking down into the dark depths, she quelled the desire to scream and run back into her house. Her feet had taken her right to the edge of the chasm that lay at the edge of the village. Long ago she remembered being here, but after a short memory of looking up at the moon and then down into the darkness, it cut off and there was nothing. She had always had a fear of it, feeling like it would suck her in if she even got near it. She tried to stay away from it, but always it called to her for some reason.
Images flashed through her head, garnets and black rubies, the shine of gold, the cold feel of metal on her chest. Then a deep pain in her chest that throbbed and made tears fall down her face. It was almost as if she were seeing things through her eyes, but not realizing them. A small girl running at her, staring her down defiantly, a spill of ice blond hair covering eyes the same blue as hers. Then Connor, kneeling in frong of her and saying things, things that she nodded to and accepted and everything else was wiped away and all she knew was the words that he was saying....
The long lost memories flung themselves at her and she clutched at them, drinking them in as if they were a mixutre to remember herself, and they truly were. She fell to her knees at the edge of the chasm, remembering why she had stood there all those nights ago, those long sad years past. The chasm, if one knew how to trigger it, was a gateway to Underhill. Back to her home. She was going home that night, leaving her mortal family for her fey one. But Connor had caught her and kept her in this thrice damned mortal world!
Anger rose up at her lover, her husband. What had he done with their daughter, her Meredith? Her fingers clutched at the grass and she realized that she was glowing so very brightly. She knew without looking at herself that whatever glamour had been placed on her was gone. She quickly wrapped herself in another, so as not to let on that she had broken whatever spell Connor had put on her, and stood, shaking out the bounty of thick red hair that she had.
Turning towards the house, she started walking, and each step she took she made a promise to herself: she would find out what happened to Meredith, and when she did, Connor would pay.