By her Tears

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Chapter 1

" Jason." Amalie nudged him slightly, waking him up.
They were in Study Hall, one of the three classes they had together that no one was around and as long as they were quiet, they could fool around and just waste time. Which was what they did. Jason had been braiding her hair, he loved her hair, and had just stopped in the middle of it and slumped over.
" I'm so sorry, Amalie." He stifled a few yawns and rubbed his eyes and took up the braid once more. " I was up all night."
Amalie turned a little and slid the half-done braid out of his pale hands. " No matter." She said, bringing a smile to his lips.
It was their motto: No Matter. It meant exactly that, that no matter what happened, they would always forgive each other and be the same as they always were. Even if it were a little thing, it was of no matter to them.
" What did you want to tell me this morning?" She asked, fiddling with the sleeve of her jacket.
Jason stiffened and became serious, not something he often did. He took her hands and folded them in his own. " I love you." He said.
Amalie looked up and smiled. " I know you do, you tell me that almost every time I get off the phone with you or go home or just when we know we won't see each other for a while." But Jason shook his head and slightly tightened his hold on her hands.
" That's why I was up all night, thinking about you and what I was going to do about it." He said,and she looked in his eyes. They were dark, the kinds that you can't tell where the pupil and where the iris merge because they are so dark. She loved his eyes, and didn't know how many times she wished that he was looking at her the way- the way he was know.
" I don't understand what you mean." She said dumbly, confused and overwhelmed.
" I love you, like a man loves a woman. I don't want to be with guys anymore. All I can think about is you and how much I miss you and want to hold you and talk to you like Marie gets to talk to Chris." Jason's eyes started tearing up and to Amalie it looked like he was serious, but he couldn't be. " All I've ever wanted to do since I saw you in the graveyard is this."
He leaned in and kissed her lightly, keeping his mouth closed, and that was when Amalie started crying. The tears slipped down her cheek and splashed onto their joined hands. She shook and he held her, breaking the kiss and wiping her eyes. She pushed him away and slapped him. When he finally looked up at her, her face was angry and her cheeks were bright pink.
" I don't believe you." She spat, and then Amalie ran out of the library.

A few hours later they had their greenhouse class, learning how to take care of plants and all that funny dirty stuff. Amalie just sat off to the side today, not getting into the pots and doing better work than everyone else. Jason tried to get her to look at him, but she wouldn't. When he got too close to her, she would move and find another spot. Finally she ended up sitting on the edge of the roof, dangling her feet over the side and looking down, all five stories down.
She wondered why he would do something like that, go and play with her like she was some kind of emotional rag doll that he could toss around and pick up whenever he got bored. Even though he'd done everything she wished he would do for the past six years, kissed her, looked at her like she was the only one in his world, wiped her eyes when she cried, it hadn't been right. He was supposed to like guys, not her. She had boobs, and a uterus, he wasn't supposed to want her.
She looked down, wondering how her angel was doing. He was probably watching over someone else, seeing as if he had been with her, this never would have happened.
" Amalie." Jason was behind her, and she had nowhere else to run, she could either push him out of the way, which might make him fall off the top, or jump herself, and that didn't sound so nice right now. " You have to talk to me."
She took a deep breath, but didn't turn around. If she looked at him now, it might make everything worse. " It was really sudden and unexpected." She said.
" I know." She heard him sigh. " I'm sorry."
She balled her fists up and slammed them down on the bricks. " Six years Jason! Six godforsaken years of liking you and not being able to have you! What do you think that does to a person?" She nearly shouted, but didn't want any of the people from the class coming over. " And now you tell me that you like me?"
" I'm sorry." His voice was coming close to whining, and Amalie could not stand whining.
" I know you're sorry! What I don't know is why all this time? Why now and why me?" She didn't want to cry anymore, but they just kept slipping out of her eyes. She leaned over the edge so she didn't get her shirt wet and let them fall.
" That's what I don't know!" Jason fretted, and she could picture him wringing his hands like he always did in cases like this. " I guess you can't judge who you are on one experience, and I made that horrible mistake."
" I don't want you to like me! I want to like you and not like me back, like it was yesterday. Don't you get it?" She stood up on the edge. " Never mind. We'll deal with this like we always do. No matter."
Maybe jumping after all would be the best thing. Mama Kat doesn't really need me, and Momma's been gone for a long time now. Jason... Her thoughts faltered for a second. Jason will find someone else and forget all about me. It's better that way.
Now she did turn around and smiled at him, even though she knew her eyes were streaming and sad. " I love you too Jason, always have, and I always will." She let herself slip off the edge backwards, flinging out her arms as she fell. " No matter." She whispered before she blacked out.

Jason ran to the edge and dropped to his knees, watching Amalie fall, her hair flowing all around her in the wind and her eyes closed. She seemed to be suspended there, and five stories wasn't really a long time to fall. There was a flash of light and when he opened his eyes again, she was gone. Just like that. He looked for her mangled and broken body on the ground, but there was nothing there but the grass and trees. He knew what had happened to her though.
He got up and wiped his eyes off, then made some sad excuse to the teacher that he was sick and had to go home. Since it was a substitute, she let him go and he was on his way. Not by bus though, by flight.
The wind whipped him around and tossed him all over, but he gritted his teeth and kept on going until he saw his house and dropped into the backyard. He'd finally gotten the hang of the levitation spell that he had found in one of his books, but he still had a few years of studying until he got as good as his grandmother, who was teaching him.
" Sensei! Sensei!" He ran down the stairs to the basement where Maya had her rooms.
She had many rooms, and with her touch with fabrics and colors, the stoney basement looked more like a movie set for some exotic harem room. But that was only the general idea, as she had set many charms and spells to keep the place safe and hidden.
She came out of the room with the dark wooden door, one that he had been told never to go in unless she had told him to and she was with him. " I know she is gone, and I know where." He ran to her and hugged her like he was drowning. " But you cannot go to her."
He let go and stared at her. Jason started to say something, but Maya shook her head. " She is in a place where humans are not readily welcomed, and it would be hard to say if you would appear in the same place that she may be." Maya reached out a small hand and touched her grandson's face with it, feeling her rings warm to his skin. " But know that she is safe, and with people that will not harm her for anything."
Jason nodded and backed away, then spun and ran to his room. Maya sighed and let him go, then went back into her room and tried to see anything else that would help them.