It's Chibi Time!

Disclaimer: I own my own chibi, and all the others since I created them to my best knowledge on who to give to what friend and such. Unless the others want their chibi's, then they are mine all mine and none of you can steal them or they will eat your cookies! I own my friends since they really haven't taken back the parts that I bit. (Inside joke/tradition.) I also do not own Hotmail, AOL, or Clueserver. And just so you know, the e-mails are fake, I made them up, so don't send stuff to them. It is mere coincidence that it might be someone's, and I apologize if I made up the one you have, please tell me and I will do something about it.

Chapter 1

Something pitter-pattered across Annie's back, and she turned over abruptly after the pressure was gone. She still had scratches across her stomach from the last time she'd rolled over on the cat. " Hey Fuzzyass, get out of my room!" She muttered, moving onto her back and staring at the white spackled ceiling.
The pressure started again, and steadily moved up her stomach, to her chest, and then a tiny set of hands touched on the bottom of her chin. A small pale face peered into the edge of her vision. Annie sat straight up and the small body fell onto her lap. She picked it up and looked at it while it squirmed in her hand, and she had to put a fingertip on its small forehead to keep it from biting her hand.
Whatever it was, it was defenitly short, maybe four inches tall. It, no she, as the small boobs on the front of her chest attested to that fact, had light blue hair that shone and curled around her pointy little ears cutely. Her face was heart-shaped and had a little v-shaped chin that made her bow of a mouth look foxy. Her eyes were large and blue, taking up most of the top half of her face.
Her clothes were just as weird as she was. She had a long skirt, longer than her feet by a few centimeters, that was black with silver dragons embroidered on it, kinda Asian like, but not quite, not when the dragon was googly-eyed and really sticking its tongue out at you. And the vest thing she had on was much the same, only it had no embroidery and was was short and backless. She had on little black ankle boots and a one black glove on her right hand.
" You are way too cute." Annie proclaimed, and the chibi smiled up at her, no longer trying to take a chunk out of her fingers anymore.
She scooped the chibi up and set her on her shoulder then went about her business of getting ready for school.


Dude! I got me a chibi! She's cute and tiny and small and all kinda deformed, but if she wasn't, she'd just be a little person. So far she's not talking and I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Um, if y'all get one, tell me so we can play with them together, but I refuse to have chibi wars! This is cool and all, and I swear I am not hallucinating! Really!

Annie finished typing up her e-mail and sent it. Monica, Erin, and Sophia would be the only people who would understand, and they would just ignore her if they wanted. She was used to them thinking she was crazy. It was all good.
Her own chibi was snuggled up on her shoulder, watching her go from site to site. Every once in a while she would lean down and poke the top of Annie's breast with the long pointed stick that she had obtained somewhere. It was cool though, all black and shiny.
" Google." She said suddenly, bouncing on Annie's shoulder. " Google!"
" But I don't want to go to Google!" Annie wailed, then stopped when the chibi jumped off her shoulder onto the computer desk and stood tall, nearly tripping on her too long skirt.
"" She said, making an effort to get her words out.
" Oh. Your name is Google." Annie shrugged and let Google climb back up onto her shoulder. " I guess that's cool."