It's Chibi Time!

Disclaimer: I own my own chibi, and all the others since I created them to my best knowledge on who to give to what friend and such. Unless the others want their chibi's, then they are mine all mine and none of you can steal them or they will eat your cookies! I own my friends since they really haven't taken back the parts that I bit. (Inside joke/tradition.)

Chapter 3

Erin sat at her computer desk. Annie had left a message on their ever increasing voice-mail box, and her mother had told her that she'd mentioned an e-mail that she had to read. But that had been a week ago and she had so much stuff to do with the play and school and cleaning up her room and getting everything ready for summer, she just wanted things to be quiet and relaxing for a few hours, at the least.
Logging on, she quickly found Annie's mail and nearly laughed herself silly. Annie thought she had a chibi! It was one of the cutest things she'd ever seen come out of Annie. She just deleted it, knowing that Annie didn't really expect her to reply anyway, and moved onto the next message. Another one from Annie.
It was only a picture and a tiny caption, saying ' Ain't she cute!?' at the bottom. Sure enough it was a picture of Annie and her chibi. It had to be one, Annie didn't know how to work her Paint program and she couldn't have gotten someone to do it for her, not that good of quality. It was the real thing.
Erin looked closely at the small person on Annie's shoulder, all dressed in black with a missing glove and a cane and that mane of blue hair. She was surrounded by a slight aura of blue-shot gold. Erin wondered if Annie could see her like that, or if it was just the way chibi's photographed. She had to admit, it did make them a little more photogenic.
She picked up her water bottle to take a drink and typed a quick reply to Annie, then lifted the bottle to her lips. She tipped her head back, and felt the waters weight in the bottle, but nothing came out. The lid was off, so she didn't know what was wrong. When Erin looked at the bottle, she saw the problem. Her own little chibi was standing tall and proud in the bottle, beaming like she'd done something amazing.
" Get out of there!" Erin tipped the bottle upside down and shook it until the chibi squeezed through the opening and fell onto one of the many unlit candles on her computer desk.
It was cute, she had to admit. But somehow the long white braid and short black bangs just didn't go with the blue flowery bikini and the yellow flip-flops. The little woman took a white shirt from behind her and put it on. You could still see the bra underneath, but the effect wasn't that bad. It was like a elf at the beach, but as far as she knew, they didn't have black bangs.
The chibi meeped at Erin and looked up at her with those big green chibi eyes of hers and Erin melted. " Fine. You can have me." She held out her hand and the girl stepped onto it, sitting down in the center of her palm.
" What's your name, shorty?" Erin asked, and she got a surprising answer.
" It's Poof, and if you ever call me shorty again I will skin your earlobes!" Poof said in a deceptively child like voice.
" Poofster?" Erin ventured.
Poof seemed to think this over for a few seconds, then shrugged and nodded. " Okay." And then brought a stick of celery out that was almost as big as her. " This is Claude. He is not to be eaten. He's magical. I trapped him in the celery so he couldn't eat me. But I have to feed him and treat him like a person or he'll escape and eat me."
Erin shrugged. " Whatever floats your boat, Poof."