The Truth is Only Fur Deep

Disclaimer: All characters are mine and anything in this story is mine. So stealing or copying. Thank you.


Leo pursued after the small form that had taken his belt pouch. She was quick, having evaded Leo's hands, which were rumored to be the fastest hands in Anmar. All that mattered now was that he got the Jewel back, which was one of the things in the pouch. He doubted that the little thief knew what was in it, only caring for the jingle of coins in it.
They came upon a marketplace of stone houses and Leo saw his chance. He jumped, powerful hindlegs boosting him to a ledge, and then he jumped on her. He had to grab her and roll so neither of them would get hurt, including what she held.
She growled and spit, something a human would not do in a situation like this, and a human would not have been able to evade his hands as she had, or outrun him like she did.
" Get off!" She hissed, raking his clothed stomach with sharp fingernails, the Common sounding odd in her mouth.
Leo grabbed the purse and released her. She scampered into the light of a hanging lantern and Leo's eyes opened wide. The poor thing was a half- breed! No wonder she had been able to get away so quickly, the thing was a cheetah-half.
" Come here little cub." He said soothingly, alerting the sentries in the shadows that had been ordered to follow him in case this happened, but it had been full grown men they were expecting, not little scared halflings.
" No!" She snarled, wild orange hair sliding aside as she tossed her head, revealing burning orange eyes with wide black pupils.
" Well then." Leo shrugged and created the 'capture' hand signal to the sentries.