The Truth is Only Fur Deep

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Chapter 4

" Lord Coryi, it is a pleasure to make your aquaintance agin." Onyx bowed low and she seated herself on one of the cushioned benches that were arragned around the room. She would have sat on one of the piles of cushion, but her heels never would have let her get back up again, and it would make her look too much like one of his harem girls. She did not want that.
" And you Cat, it makes me glad to see that you have donned a more elbaorate costume and have chosen to dance for me only." Coryi smiled, displaying a strong set of fangslike incisors, sharp and shining.
Coryi was a feral halfbreed. Couger shifter blood ran strong in this man, but his father had been a wild shifter, one not suited for human civilization and banished to the wilds. His mother had been one of the guards sent along with him to make sure that he did not escape before he was supposed to, and he raped her and got her with child. She didn't know until she had gotten back to the city, and Imperial guard immunity kept her from getting killed, but she had to abandon Coryi if she wanted to keep her job, and she did.
He had the body of a man, but had a thick covering of fur all over it, tan-gold that shone in the light. Powerful arms and legs that ended in strong clawed hands and feet. He had a tail, and it was sleek and tufted. His amber eyes cut into her like a dagger and she had to look away.
" True, but only if you will have me." She lowered her voice and eyes.
" If we can close this deal in a tasteful way, I don't see a reason why you should not stay with me." He lifted her up, taking her hand and leading her towards the large double doors that led to his bedroom.
Panthe had told her that the only way she would get a position so high in his household was to bed him, and she was fully prepared to do so, for Ailurus and herself and the mission.
" Cat?" Auxi asked from his corner, unfolding his arms and stepping from the shadows.
" Coryi, my servant?" She told Auxi with her eyes and minute one hand signals to go and not do something stupid.
" There is a room at the end of the corridor to the left. I am sure you will be very distracted if you ask for Luna, she likes her men furry." Auxi would have blushed, but just left the room.
" So on to business then?" Coryi asked, running a claw down her arm and created shivers up her spine. " If you do well, and you should try, maybe I will make you the head of my harem?"
" Of course, my lord." She murmured, and let herself be lured into his den.