This year my birthday was the same as all the others
I got tons of cards
Loads of presents
And many happy wishes
But none from you

I don't know why I expected something
You've never sent anything before
The only thing I ever see from you
Is a check for dad occasionally?

Still I wanted something
Nothing large or long
A note or a card
Or anything to let me know you care

When nothing came
I was devastated
I cried for a week
Just like every other year

Then I stopped weeping
And started screaming
Thinking of how much I hate you
And you always let me down
Just like after every birthday

But even after all this suffering
I know when my next birthday comes
No matter how much I say I won't
I will still hope for something from you
Cry when I don't get anything
And yell when I figure out you just don't care