Note: This story has adult content. If sex and lesbianism is NOT your thing, I would suggest you hit the back button.

Magical Girl Trouble

Empire City was a modern marvel, a gleaming light on the west coast. Shining towers reached to the sky while men and women hurried to and from work in what some thought of as perfect harmony. But like in many cities the rich get richer and others don't, and that can cause problems.

The bank robbery was going off without a hitch. They had waited until the closing was done and the bank employees had left, then they picked the lock for the back door. The three men hurried inside, carrying a bag each of supplies. They reached the sealed vault even as the alarms began to ring, and set up the explosives to blow the doors.

Once the charges went off they waited as long as they could for the metal to cool, then rushed in to fill the now empty bags with valuables. Loaded up they ran out of the building, knowing they only had a small window to escape the cops.

"Stop, evil doers!" a voice cried as two women appeared in a flash of light.

"Oh crap," the leader whimpered.

One girl wore red and gold, the other black and silver. Their outfits resembled swimsuits, kind of, with added frills and skirts to maintain a degree of modesty. "Like a sound cutting through ominous silence, I am Thunderbird!" the red and gold clad blonde declared.

"Like a light cutting through darkness, I am Lightning!" the black haired girl cried.

"We really need to make your introduction more dramatic," Thunderbird noted mildly.

"Not in front of the criminals, please." Lightning said dryly.

"Oh, right," Thunderbird agreed and the two advanced on the bank robbers.

Less than five minutes later the police arrived to find three stunned, tied up criminals, their bags of loot and a polite note asking that they be arrested. The younger officer helped load the crooks into the squad car, while the leader helped work with the bank getting the loot back inside.

"I wish we could thank those brave children," the bank manager gushed, the older man beaming at the police officers.

"Actually there's still a arrest warrant out on them," the officer noted with a sigh, "they are vigilantes, after all."


The rooftops of Empire city weren't monitored by security. I mean, why would they be? The only way a robber could break in was by helicopter or flight. The stairways, yes, were under watch by cameras to prevent anyone from sneaking up onto the roofs, but the roofs themselves were usually left alone. Which was good, because Thunderbird and Lightning were putting the rooftop to a VERY interesting use.

"Oooh," Thunderbird moaned as Lightning stroked her breasts through her uniform. Both girls were in the still developing stage of their teens, but the pretty blond was already into the 'b' range. She loved having her breasts played with, and her nipples were especially sensitive.

Lightning was straddling her, the black clad girl looking down at her hungrily. It was funny out in the field, Thunderbird took charge, but privately, it was usually Lightning who lead the way. She nibbled at each of Thunderbird's pert breasts, wishing the cloth of their costumes wasn't so durable.

"Could you," Lightning asked breathlessly.

With a moan Thunderbird tried to get her thoughts together. With a mental command she whisked away her top, then the bottoms of her costume too. With that all she was left in was the cute ribbons and bows that decorated her costume, a more... erotic look that being totally naked.

"Hmm," Lightning purred as she stroked a bare, bouncy breast. She licked at the pointy nipple, then sucked on the firm flesh as Thunderbird gasped in pleasure.

Thunderbird clawed at Lightning's cloth covered back, moaning in pleasure. Her thighs were wet with her excitement, and she could feel that just the breast play alone was about to make her come. As Lightning began to sweetly tease one breast with her fingers as she ardently sucked on the other, Thunderbird mewled sexily and came, bucking against Lightning's body.

"Oh god was that good..." Thunderbird sighed as she went limp, sprawling on the hard metal surface under them.

"Hmm," Lightning agreed, even though her own body was... expressing certain needs.

Thunderbird recovered in a few minutes, reaching up and caressing Lightning's cheek. "Thank you," she sighed, kissing her lingeringly.

Lightning kissed her back, pressing her own body against hers. She shivered as Thunderbird drew a hand along her thigh...


Both women jerked in alarm as the helicopter swooped in, Thunderbird screaming as she manifested her costume once more. A news cameraman hung out the window, camera clearly already filming, and for who knew how long before hand.

"Oh crap," Lightning cursed.

As Thunderbird and Lightning fled the roof Thunderbird muttered irritably, "The Mayor ain't gonna like this..."


And, indeed, Mayor Rachel Good was not happy. The tall blond woman watched the news report with a expression of stunned disbelief on her face, then put her head in her hands. "Oh god...," she groaned softly.

Her executive assistant patted her gently on the shoulder. "It could be worse, ma'am," Heather Watts said, the brunette looking at her boss sympathetically.

Rachel looked up at her assistant standing beside her desk, "How could it be worse?"

"They only caught them at very advanced foreplay... they could have filmed them having sex," Heather said wryly.

"Oh god," Rachel winced.

Rachel turned the TV off, sitting back in her chair as she sighed. Empire City had a long tradition of Magical Girls, dating back nearly a hundred years. Everyone knew there had been multiple girls doing it, since they aged in costume and, eventually, retired. They were also something of a tourist attraction, with t-shirts, posters and other items.

(And who knew how this latest escapade would effect that? The primary buyers of the shirts were teenaged girls! The city made a modest cut off the shirts, but if sales plummeted local businesses would panic.)

Rachel knew some of this because she was the mayor and it was public knowledge. The rest? Well, that she knew because SHE had been a magical girl back when she was younger. Different name, different costume, but a lot of the rest the same. Much like her daughter, the modern Thunderbird. Though she didn't think she'd done anything quite this monumentally stupid back then.

Okay, there WAS the time she had been captured by Madam X. Who knew that the master villain was secretly interested in her? They had spent a very interesting evening where the older woman had taught her a LOT about what you could do in a evil lair... she had almost regretted having to furn her in.

Maybe she and her daughter had more in common than Rachel thought...


"We could claim it was evil twins."


"Mind control?"

"Not buying it.

"Alien sex pollen?"

"Oh come on."

Thunderbird and Lightning were walking together, having transformed back into their teenaged forms. Lisa Good had been the one offering various suggestions, while her partner Alice Young had been calmly shooting them down. Both teens were in street clothes, and looked rather more stressed than usual.

"God this is a mess," Lisa sighed. She looked at Alice, "I'm so sorry. If I had just waited for us to get back to..."

"Don't get all weepy," Alice shook her head, "I was right there, willing to do a quicky on a rooftop." She smiled wryly, "It's exciting and fun."

"Well, it ended up more exciting than either of us planned," Lisa sighed.

As they walked along Lisa's phone pinged, again, and she looked at the stream of unread messages. She was a subscriber to the Thunder and Lightning fanpage, and got updates when they posted. (Yes, it was narcissistic and egotistical. So?) There were something like a hundred new posts in just the last few hours, and more going up every few minutes. She was scared to see what they said

Alice reached out and squeezed Lisa's hand. "Why don't we go home? I mean, we can only avoid your mother for so long, and we can find out what the news says," she suggested.

Lisa sighed but nodded. "I guess you're right," she conceded, "who knows, maybe our former fans won't want to tar and feather us."

"Cheer up," Alice said, "maybe they'll run us out of town and we'll finally have a excuse to move to San Francisco."

"There's a bright side," Lisa laughed.

The two girls headed back to Lisa's home, the room she had at her mother's place. It was larger and had better web access, plus they both knew the Mayor would probably not be home. Any political crisis usually kept the older woman at the office, and this one probably would too.

"I better call mom," Lisa sighed, dialling her phone. She listened a moment, "Hi mom, it's..." She winced visibly. "Yes, I know... I know... right... okay..."

Alice looked at her girlfriend sympathetically. Her mother, thankfully, was not a politician and, hopefully, did not know about her double life. She didn't want to imagine how Rachel was reacting right now. As Lisa finally hung up she asked, "Is everything all right?"

Lisa looked tired, "Well, she's not happy, but... she was less pissed than I expected." She frowned, "She even said that we all do really dumb things occasionally."

"Well, let's get this over with," Alice sighed and asked, "can you help me start going through the messages?"

"Yeah," Lisa got out her tablet and Alice used the PC. They were braced for the worst, but were pleasantly surprised by what they found. YES, there were posts from holy rollers who thought they were going to hell for their relationship, but the majority of posts were pretty positive.

"Holy shit," Alice breathed out. Lisa looked over to see what Alice was looking at, and saw it was a video clip of a spontaneous gathering in the city. Girls in their t-shits, men and women were gathered, waving rainbow flags in a sudden impromptu event.

"Maybe we're not gonna get run outta town after all." Lisa said, reaching out and squeezing Alice's hand.

To be continued...?

Notes: Just a rough beginning for a more light hearted original work. Probably. Unless I decide the magic granting force is a Eldritch Abomination or something. Or go Puella Magi Madoka Magica with it.

I'm still working out the magical 'system' but my current thought is that each magical girl gets a identity based on their mental image of a hero. So Thunderbird and Lightning, having been raised on magical girl shows, look and act like Sailor Moon. Earlier versions may have been more like pulp heroines or super heroes.