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Talking about Kampfer

THIS WILL HAVE SPOILERS. If you do not wanna get spoiled, hit the back button.

Kampfer! (Anime and manga)

First of all, I should confess I like fanservicy manga and anime. (As anyone following me on social sites well knows, considering how often I share pinups etc etc.) So a series like Kampfer was right up my alley.

The concept, summed up simply, is a average guy gets a magic bracelet that changes him to a Kampfer, a FEMALE fighter. Worse, she has to fight other opposing Kampfers, as well as find 'her' allies. The complications also come from the ongoing mystery of whom is behind all this and what their motives really are.

It's a mostly comedy oriented series, with the main character getting into a lot of trouble because of 'her' female body. It is, however, FULL of fanservice of her transforming and in unlikely poses, so if that's not your thing I suggest skipping it.

As a yuri fan one of the plot twists rather amuses me: the lead character is in love with a girl who's GAY. She's only interested in his girls side. As is another Kampfer. *lol* It's very harem manga and anime series, but with yuri bits.

The first anime was just twelve episodes and a bonus episode, while the manga and novels were ongoing. So the amime has a... well, a 'what the f***' kind of ending. Not going into any detail, but the ending makes little sense. The ending also gets ignored in the bonus episode and the sequel OVAs, so...

Overall, I'd give it a 6 or 7 out of ten. It's slightly trashy, fanservice fun, and as long as you aren't expecting anything deep you'll enjoy it.

Kampfer Fur Die Liebe from Sentai Filmworks.


Well, it's not awful? *lol*

Basically, this is SORT OF a sequel to the first Kampfer series, while ignoring the ending of the last series. So there are good Kampfers including our four heroines, and evil Kampfers who primarilly wanna help their boss get laid with Natsuru.

And that's pretty much it for plot. As a OVA series it's more explicit than the first series, and includes a certain degree of sex (mostly foreplay) and yuri content. They also don't dwell on the details much, which as a fanfiction author I find kind of annoying. For example, everyone moves into one house for 'mutual protection.' (As well as chances for the girls to snog Natsuru.) And the parents of these teens don't object?! Heck, where are their parents period?

It's frustratingly short at only two episodes and sadly doesn't really GO anywhere or resolve any of the plot threads from the first series. Basically if you have $20 bucks to waste on fanservice, pick it up. Otherwise, skip it. 5 out of 10, and only for the decent art.