You take my breath away,

Each time I look at you,

I want to shout out to the world,

To call everyone and show them too.

The girl I see before me,

The woman I long to hold,

The one who light's my passion,

And ends the long night's cold. 

A picture of purest beauty, 

Your face is in my mind,

Your skin so smooth and soft,

My heart beats faster all the time. 

In your eyes I look

And my breath is gone once more. 

Your pale blue eyes, so amazing,

Like two perfect sapphires, shinning without flaw. 

Then something in me hurts inside,

For this is just a dream. 

Your beauty and how I feel about you…

You'll never know what I've seen. 

Because you're not here with me,

That's why I'm in such pain. 

Longing to be close to you,

I keep whispering your name. 

My heart was yours, for in your eyes

I could not help but look. 

My life, my soul I gave to you,

As my breath you took. 

I close my eyes and then I hope,

But your face has gone away. 

A blurred and fading image now,

That makes me suffer every day. 

My breath is gone once more now

And for the final time. 

Because I die without you,

I could not make you mine.