In the emptiness of the universe, where death and life are the same, where souls come to be judged and set to a blissful eternity of peace, or scorn and forever punished and tortured for their sins, two forces of abused and hurt energies were reunited. While other souls pass through this area quickly, one soul waited in this dimension between all realities, for his companion. Finally, she had arrived.

The left one acknowledged the right, "That took you a while."

The newly arrived energy on the right answered, "I had some business to handle, make sure people know the story. Besides, if I had been any earlier, I would've had to wait for you." Both forms radiated a feeling of happiness, near ecstasy seeing its old companion once again.

"I saw you write it. It was very good." The male answered truthfully, as always.

"You watched me? How creepy." The female crossed her arms and eyebrows, as best as energy without form can do so.

"Am I the creepy one or that I was watching over you?" The male jested.

"After you put it like that, thanks for watching over me then."

"No problem, I had nothing else to do. How did you like your dream?" the male asked gently. "Oh, so that was you! Well, it was scary- not that I was scared, I knew it was you…or some part of you. I hated cry- I hated the after shock of it. Didn't ever do that again." the female said, then wondered if there would be a chance for an "again". Another thought came to her mind.

"You promise never to do that shit you pulled back there again and I will promise not to give up as quickly as I did." The female energy said shamefully, motioning to the area where she had come, still wondering about "again". The left energy shrugged, as best as energy without form can shrug. After a moment of deep thought, the male energy answered, "You could have done nothing else. You didn't give up. You fought on harder and longer than anyone could have, and you did let people know our story. And for my part…only for you, I will do it again. Otherwise, I promise I won't."

The right energy sighed with annoyance and a hint of happiness. "Good enough, I guess… still feels weird when positive things are targeted at me, not harassment and crap like that...I learned to deal with them. I'll have to learn to deal with the good things too, I suppose. But, you know, you are the only one that does that. Well, did that. " She kept her eyes on her best friend, watching him make a gesture of agreement.

They cherished each other's company, even if neither of them ever would admit it. The male studied the female in return for moments that were years in another realm. The old, cruel realm they had both came from.

Finally, the female broke the silence, "Thanks for waiting…and everything else I didn't say thanks for." The male nodded, smiling. "I knew that you would have said thank you and probably a few other things, except that it just wasn't you. You're the type to keep all the good things you want to direct to people inside. And all the bad things…well you let it out…most of the time. And…Where else could I go without you?" The female felt wanted. After all the years of abuse and hurt, she was finally wanted. "Ready?" she asked eagerly, trying to disguising her happiness, but failing. This time she didn't mind failing. She had learned: when happiness is rare, there was no shame in being happy occasionally.

"Set" the left one answered confidently. "Go." They said in unison as they had constantly done throughout their friendship. A wont to seal their commitment to each other. Each of them enjoyed this instant of familiarity in a world they did not know. Would this judgment world send them to another world of hurt, or one of happiness both had so few times experienced?

Both energies turned to the white light. The purity of the white light cleansed their souls of the few sins they had committed. Their powers and essence had become one. Neither cared where they would go, as long as they had each other. Each one was smiling as they entered the white light, endless bliss. They deserved every moment of happiness for they suffered a thousand times more cruelty. For now, they were no longer in pain, no longer hunted, no longer running.