Shattered Dreams

You love the one your heart desires so,

Yet what happens when he does not love you so,

You heart is shattered, broken and battered,

Your dreams, your hopes, all are tattered,

Your heart will bleed, oh yes it will,

And it cannot be cured by some simple pill,

You realize you will love again,

But it will never be with the same of men,

Every love is unique,

Just as is every clique,

I will love and live another day,

Sooner or later I will yet again jump into the fray,

But for now my heart does say,

I love him, I truly do,

And my heart will bleed like all hearts do.

Once again I join the ranks of the single. I will survive, but my heart will bleed for a while. He wanted me to promise him that I would not beat myself up about this. I could not promise him that. I dearly with I could, but I cannot.

-James Frederic-