Acid Rain
By Tara Nicole Walker
Dedicated to Jerry R. Walker Jr.

Panic-stricken lives run
My reign of fury has begun
Bring out the clouds and bring down the rain
Oh, you are right - I am no longer sane
Pull down the lightning from out of the sky
By the time I'm done you'll wish you could die
But here you are. and here I am
You've lit the fuse - catch me if you can!
I am bubbling anger seasoned with pain
(stir up the wind, bring on the rain)
I am your nightmare that you have set loose
(you say I've done this, but it was yours to choose)
You've crossed the line hundreds too many times
We were in the theater, and I knew my lines
You've tried to play one big game
(roll down the thunder and bring down the rain)
You blame this on me, but you lit the match.
Just a matter of time before the flame did catch
The fuse hissed down - and then there was me
(swirl the tornadoes, overflow the seas)
Now I'm exploding and I will not stop
Your last crossing over consumes every thought
Who are you to tell me who I can and cannot love?
I ask your inner you this and all he does is shrug
Well this is the end of your putrid reign
(bring down the lightning and acid rain)
You will hurt me no more, although you'll try
My face will haunt your thoughts until you lowly die