You called me today,

Telling me she left you.

Im sitting here wondering,

"So, what should I do?"

I did try to warn you,

But I never was heard.

My ideas seemed useless,

my thoughts seemed absurd.

What happened to me?

I was always there.

Im not invisible,

just someone that cared.

I listened to you,

Even when she did not.

I was your shoulder to cry on,

When you two always fought.

Someday youll understand me,

I just dont know when.

But by then Ill be gone,

And youll never see me again.

So go on and live life,

Lonely as can be.

Its your fault for ignorning,

The friend you had in me.

Feelings will fade,

Relationships do come to their ends.

But what will you have,

When youve ditched all your friends?