It's always the same dark helpless dream. I dream of water, surrounding me and engulfing me. Its fills my mouth and eyes, filling my head with silent death. I try to struggle free from the invisible grip holding me there but I can't. It's like an icy hold on my body and I cannot move. Then suddenly all becomes calm and I don't care anymore. My brain is numb and my eyes grow heavy, then I wake. It's always the same, every night since they brought me here.

The Doctor thinks it's guilt for what I did, but what is guilt? I thought it was when cry all day or when you just sit there, staring vacantly into space. Some men cry all the time here, I think it's because they know they're going to die. I didn't really mean to kill her, but it was her fault. She knew she shouldn't push me but she just wouldn't shut up. She just kept going on and on at me until it felt like something exploded in my head. Maybe this is guilt, going over it in my head all the time. I don't know why, I haven't anything to be guilty about.

They brought a Priest to my cell earlier. I didn't ask for one but I think it eases their consciences to think they've 'saved' another soul. He thought I was mad I think. He kept asking for me to repent for my sin and God would forgive me. I kept telling him I didn't need Gods forgiveness for anything .In the end he just sighed prayed for my soul and left.

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