I grin as I shut the door. Don't get me wrong..I like having them around, but everyone likes a bit of time to themselves once in a while don't they?

I go over to the stereo and turn it on; full volume. This is more like it! I sing along to the rock beat as I get ready; occasionally pretending to drum along to it. I get into the full swing of it and grab my guitar; imagining being in the concert. I strum along and jump around like crazy. I don't need to think of the chords. I know most of them. I add other random chords and notes in where I think they should have them. I start laughing at myself, but I still carry on playing! I'm plunged into a moment of embarrassment when the door opens and I see Tigger standing in front of me. I stop playing; my hand just about to strum another chord. I stand dead still on the chair where I was dancing around. I stare innocently at him and see the look on his face. I immediately turn bright red as I see Tigger trying not to laugh. "Shit" I say quietly to myself.

"I'm not gonna say anything" Tigger says as he grabs his jacket and backs out of the door. I breathe a sigh of relief and get back to getting ready.

Okay, I'm ready to go. I have everything I need right? My guitar..just my guitar I suppose. I look at my watch. 5:30pm. "Ahhh.that's okay, plenty of time" I collapse on the sofa and start reading through my poems; checking for spelling mistakes and stuff like that. The phone rings. Typical. I get up and answer it.

"Hey Mosha, is it important?"

"Ummm..yeah I guess. Just to let you know, you gotta be here by 7:00pm K?"

"Yeah thanks. I'll be there at around half six if that's alright?"

"Okay. Cya then"


"Anywaay.." I sigh and sit down again. I skim through the lines of Poetry; checking for any common spelling or grammer mistakes. The phone rings. I roll my eyes and get up to answer it.


"You won't B-E-L-I-E-V-E the size of this place! It's amazing here! Just think, we are going to.."

I cut him short. "Mosha! I can see it when I get there! Thanks anyway, but I have to go now okay?"

"God, women these days! Cya"

I shake my head and for the third time, I sit back down and start to read through everything.."Any mistakes?" I murmur to myself. The phone rings. "OH GREAT!"

"Yes Mosha! What is it? I'm reading the same lines over and over again here! Can't I get ANY peace around here for once?"

"Umm..what are you on about?"

I suddenly realize. "Oh, hi Tig! Sorry about that. Don't ask.."

"I won't. We have another problem"

"Oh? What's that?"

"We need a name for our band and now! They can't mark us off the list if we have no name!"

"Well, I dunno! Ask Mosha"

"Have you heard the names he has come up with in the last hour?"

"I see your point. I'll be down in 5-10 mins okay? Then we can discuss it"

"Cya soon"

I slam the phone down and start gathering everything together that I needed to take with me. Well, just my guitar. Oh and a jacket, it's raining now. Luckily only drizzling.

When I said "Only drizzling" I didn't mean it to be like this. I stand on the doorstep looking outside at the weather. "Oh my god.." I zip up my jacket and make a run for it. I suppose getting a taxi would have been easier, but it would have taken too long. I feel the rain stabbing against my bare hands and my face as I look desperately around for the place where the concert is being held. "The Cheltenham arena..anywhere? Oh come on, where the hell is it?" I spot a sign across the road from me. I could just about make out the lettering to it. I smile as I walk inside. "Here we go" I sigh. I look around for two familiar faces. They find me first. "Elkie! There you are! What took you..so..long?" Tigger sniggered as he saw me.

"You look like a drowned rat!" Mosha added.

I agreed as it was probably the only way to describe me at this moment in time.

"So, what's going on?" I ask.

"We need a name, and we need it around now. We can't be in the concert tonight if we don't have a name"

"Ok, ok, calm down Tigger. What have you two come up with?"


I look and the blank faces. "Ok. Interesting start. C'mon guys! Names! Flood me with names"

Both of them think. I wait; also thinking.

"Okay okay!" Tigger pipes up. "Crucified Sanctity, sorrow, devil, power craze.."

"Errrmmm..Over dose, Mosaic, Fallen Angel" Mosha thinks up.

"I like devil come to think of it..Oh! I know!" I jump up and down excitedly.

"I do as well! I know a good name!" Tig grins.

"DIABLO! DIABLO!" Mosha shouts out.

"You stole my thunder!" Me and Tig shout out together.

"I thought of that"

I hear a cough and Tiggers direction. "Ahem..so did I"

"Well, guys..and girls, we have our name" Mosha puts his arms around our shoulders and smiles.

"We sure have"

* *
* *

"Arggg! I must remember to play that chord!"

Everyone looks at me.

"What? We want to play it right don't we?"

"I've forgotten the main part! Hey, anyone know the next bit? I thought it was bass, bass, symbol, snare and symbol.." Mosha frowns as he tries playing it out on the drums.

"Ummm..I thought it was symbol, symbol, bass, snare and bass" Tigger looks up from playing the Bass guitar.

"I thought it was snare, snare, symbol, bass and symbol wasn't it? THIS IS HOPELESS! I'm never going to get this right!" I put my guitar down and go out of the room. I don't get it. I knew every chord at home, but now, I have forgotten them.

"It's your nerves, it happened to me as well"

I turn around to see who was talking to me. The unfamiliar voice belonged to an unfamiliar person. "Who are you?" I look at him. He's obviously a Goth; spiked collar, wearing all black, short black hair which has been spiked up and silver chains on his trousers. I see he is wearing a top with Metallica on it. I recognise it; Tigger has the same one.

"I'm Joe, nice to meet you. I'm in a band as well called River of Retribution.."

"Hey, I'm Elkie, nice to meet you too. I've heard of your band before, you play a lot don't you?"

"Well, yeah I guess so. Only if we get a gig" He smiles. "You haven't played before have you?"

"Is it that obvious?" I smile back. "It's not my day today"

"It'll be fine, I felt nervous when I first played" I notice him placing his arm around my shoulders.

"And that was how long ago?"

"Ummm..around 2 years ago" He laughs.

"You should wear the black and white makeup and stuff, since you're a Goth" I laugh. "It would suit you" I point out to him.

"I do in concert. I mean..nobody cares what you look like out there, they just want to hear your music I suppose"

The door opens behind me and Tigger walks out. "Hey Elkie..we need you in here to play it through, Mosha has finally worked the stuff out"

I see Tigger looking at Joe. I see the look on Tiggers face.

"Yeah sure..I'm coming. I'd better go"

"I'll cya around sometime then" Joes waves to me and Tigger.

I grin as I walk passed Tigger to go back inside.