Well I was planning a sequel when I wrote the first Agriculture Class story but the only problem was which plot I original penned out was I going to use? After much discussion with friends I've decided to keep it simple yet funny with a little hint of horror. Why horror I hear you ask? Because I thought it would be funny and that is what this story is about making you laugh. So here it is at last after much hard work I am proud to present this story. Enjoy.

The Agriculture Class

Chapter 2: - Mystery of the teacher eating monster!

Ben one of the students of Mr O Donovan's Agriculture Class just stood on the hard pavement of the tennis courts whilst watching a fellow student named Johnny slowly walking towards him as if he was out of breath.

Johnny: #Huff# So how long did that run take me?

Ben: (Confused) Run?

Johnny: You did time me right?

Ben: (Confused) Time you?

Johnny: (Annoyed) You didn't forget again did you?

Ben: Obviously it appears I have.

Johnny: (Sad) So I've got to run around in this heat again?

Ben: Sadly yes.

Johnny: Can't we just fix the results? Mr Gates won't know the difference.

Ben: First thing Johnny is that Mr Gates WILL know the difference and secondly it won't be right!

Johnny: You're just angry with me because I accidentally walked in on your sister having a shower.

Ben: (Angry) Johnny I know for a fact that you didn't do that accidentally because if it was accidentally you would have been wearing clothes yourself!

Johnny: (Mumbling) I said I was sorry.

Ben: Also Johnny ............ what the?

Ben suddenly notices Robert walking towards them with a puzzled look on his face.

Ben: (Puzzled) Robert?

Johnny: What's up?

Robert: Nothing really I was just wondering what you guys were doing out here?

Ben; You see for science Mr Gates wanted us in pairs to see how long it would take a person to run round the entire tennis court whilst the other timed him by using a stop watch.

Robert: That I get the, its just the fact that Johnny has ran round the entire tennis court five times which confuses me.

Johnny: (Annoyed) That's because Ben keeps forgetting to set the watch like the idiot that he is!

Ben: Johnny the more time you spend bitching about this the longer it will take to complete this experiment. (Points) Now start running!

Johnny: #Sigh# If I must.

Johnny begins to slowly run around the tennis court again whilst Robert just watches him with a confused look on his face.

Robert: Why do you keep forgetting to start the stopwatch?

Ben: (Smiles) I don't keep forgetting I just choose to not start the watch.

Robert: (Raises an eyebrow) Why?

Ben: In short revenge. Plus Shelly paid me twenty quid because of what he did the little pervert.

Robert: And I thought the punishment Mr O Donovan gave him after that whole computer incident was bad.

Robert slowly turned his head towards Ben with a worried look on his face.

Robert: You're pretty evil you know that?

Ben: (Evil grin) Yes I do know that and may I add that I like it seeing how funny revenge can be.

Robert turned away from Ben and stared at the obviously exhausted Johnny. Surprising he felt no pity for the younger boy only a mixture of annoyance and hatred considering the fact the school was now without a single working computer. This meant no Internet, no email and no porn sites. This pissed off Robert (and many others) so much that chances were that Johnny would not survive the school year.

Robert: (Smiles) You're right it is pretty funny.

Suddenly both Robert and Ben could hear a strange shouting like noise in the distance.

Ben: (Confused) Can you hear something?

Robert: (Confused) Yeah I can but is it just me or does it sounds like shouting?

Without seconds of Robert finishing his sentence both boys saw a teacher come running through the bushes at such a speed he almost seemed like a blur. It was obvious he was running for his life, as there was a look of pure terror on his face as if someone or something was after him as he also waved his hands in the air attempting to get the boys attention which he had already done.

Robert: Is that Mr Gates?

Ben: Why is he running towards us like that? I thought he went to check the field was ready for Sports Day?

Andrew: (Shouts) Ben! Robert!

Ben: (Confused) What the?

Both Ben and Robert turned round to the person who had called them. It had been Andrew who was walking towards them with two other people named Shane and Roxy. Both Shane and Roxy were in the same year as Johnny, Ben and Andrew was well as in the Agriculture Class. Shane was shorter then the others and a little chubbier but at heart he was a kind person. The only problem with him was that he had been banned from using the school's computers following what happened when he logged onto a certain web site about female construction workers. Also that's all I'm saying on the matter. Roxy was a girl who was taller then both Johnny and Shane but still was not the same height as Ben. She wore a spiked dog collar around her neck as well as wearing a pure black jacket when she wasn't wearing her bright red school jumper. Some teachers didn't object whilst others did which would lead to the occasional argument during lesson and sometimes a suspension for a day from school. Also she would frequently attempt to get into a reluctant Johnny's pants and like with the above that's all I'm saying on the matter.

Shane: Hi guys.

Roxy: Alright lads?

Ben: Sort of Roxy.

Andrew: (Confused) 'Sort of'?

Shane: What do you mean by sort of Ben?

Ben: Well you see me and Robert just saw Mr Gates running towards us in blind fear over there.

Ben points to the spot where Mr Gates once was who has now vanished. In his place seems to be some sort of hole as if someone or something had pulled him in.

Robert: The hell?

Ben: Where the %@#& did he go?

Andrew: I don't care as long as he doesn't turn up until tomorrow.

Robert: Why tomorrow?

Andrew: Because I have an after school detention with him tonight.

Robert: .................... My old year group was never as evil as you guys are.

Andrew: (Stupid grin) That's why they sucked ha ha ha.

Roxy: (Annoyed) Andrew for the last time you're not funny so shut up!

Andrew: (Angry) Why don't you shut up bitch?

Roxy doesn't answer. She just simply kicks Andrew in the nuts sending him crashing down on the pavement groaning and moaning in agony.

Ben: Painful yet funny.

Shane: Totally funny.

Robert: Um .................. What exactly are we going to do about Mr Gates?

Ben: Well all of us could just walk over to the hole were he last was seen or the rest of us could just force someone to go over and check it leaving them valuable to any risk if any.

Shane: Good plan but who are we going to send?

Johnny ran up to Ben and the others breathing heavily as if he was out of breathe.

Johnny: #Huff# Hi guys (notices Roxy and smiles) Hi Roxy.

Roxy: (Smiles back) Hi Johnny (giggles).

Ben: Johnny stop flirting with Roxy we have a very important assignment for you.

Johnny: Why me?

Shane: Because we don't want to die horrible deaths.

Johnny: (Shocked) What?!?

Robert punches Shane out and then quickly turns back to a slightly scared Johnny.

Robert: (Sweat drops) Um ............. he said .............. um ...............

Andrew: Nothing. (Sweat drops) He's high.

Robert: That's it! Yes Andrew is right! Shane is high!

Johnny: High? (Raises an eyebrow) On what?

Robert: Pot.

Andrew: Mr O Donovan grows it in this green house.

Johnny: Mr O Donovan doesn't grow drugs in his green house.

Ben: How do you know?

Meanwhile ............

We see Mr O Donovan opening the door to his green house whilst carrying several bags of compost and then slamming the door shut with a unusual look on his face.

Mr O Donovan: No one saw that. Keep cool O Donovan.

Back at the tennis courts ...........

We see Johnny walking up towards the hole in the ground slowly whilst the others hold onto a rope which is tied around his waist.

Johnny: (Angry) I swear I'll get them for this.

Ben: (Shouts) Stop moaning Johnny!

Johnny: (Shouts) I'm not moaning!

Robert: (Shouts) Then stop shouting Johnny!

Johnny: (Mumbles) I swear one of these days ............

Before Johnny could finish his sentence the ground suddenly began to shake causing Johnny and the others to collapse onto the ground. Just then a rumble could be heard from the ground and within seconds of hearing it Johnny and the others saw what looked like a pile of green slime being shot out of the hole and hitting the wall of the school's sport gym hard with a loud splatter.

Ben: (Confused) What the hell was that?

Robert: It looks like something just throw up what's left of Mr Gates and it hit the side of the gym.

Andrew: What makes you think it was Mr Gates?

Roxy: Note the human bones sticking out of the green stuff on the wall Andrew.

Suddenly Johnny came running back up the field, past the tennis courts and straight into the school and didn't stop until he reached the library.

Andrew: (Confused) What was that?

Ben: That Andrew is a very confused and terrified Johnny running for his life and in my option we should too. Anyone agree with me on that?

Everyone nodded and began running like hell towards the school and suddenly Andrew and Robert come running back and attempt to pick up Shane with much difficulty before heading back to the library.

In the Library ...........

The group of terrified teenagers sat at a table whilst Mr O Donovan was at the other end looking confused.

Mr O Donovan: So he's dead?

Ben: Yes sir.

Mr O Donovan: Are you all sure about this?

Roxy: What's left of him is now decorating the side of the gym's wall sir.

Mr O Donovan: So what were his last words?

Ben starts waving his hands in the air and shouting very loud.


Mr O Donovan just stares at Ben before turning to Robert to ask a question.

Mr O Donovan: He didn't mention anything about money did he?

Robert: (Confused) Um ............... no sorry sir.

Mr O Donovan slams his fist in angry against the table.

Mr O Donovan: (Angry) DAMMIT! That S.O.B owed me twenty bucks!

Ben: So what exactly are we going to do about the creature in the field?

Mr O Donovan: Don't worry about that thing Mr Riley has it covered.

Ben: (Sarcastically) Oh joy.

Roxy: I see this ending in fire.

Shane: (Annoyed) You see everything ending in fire.

Hours later .........

We see another man this time dressed as an exterminator being dragged down into the ground and within five minutes what's left of him is vomited back up and splatters against the side of the gym's wall which is already covered in green vomit.

Mr Riley: (Pissed) Dammit that's the tenth time that's happened!!!

Mr O Donovan: (Pissed) To make matters worse that's the last exterminator in the city! (Turns to Mr Riley) Good thing they didn't want paying until after they killed it.

Mr Riley: True but now I'm out of ideas.

Elsewhere .......

We see Ben with Johnny knocking on the door to the science staff room. Soon Mrs Jalland and Dr Gill answer the door.

Dr Gill: Alright boys? What's the problem?

Mrs Jalland: (Raises an eyebrow) You are joking right?

Dr Gill: (Sweat drops) Um ..............

Mrs Jalland just sigh's before shoving Dr Gill back into the staff room and slamming the door shut.

Mrs Jalland: That's him sorted now what can I do you for?

Ben: Well Mrs I was just thinking to a lesson we had a few months back.

Mrs Jalland: Which one?

Johnny: The one where you mentioned you could tell us where the parts to build a bomb can be brought but you can't show us how to build a bomb.

Mrs Jalland: I see where this is going.

Mrs Jalland opens the door and then slams it shut in front of the two boy's faces. Johnny looks at Ben with an annoyed look.

Johnny: (Annoyed) Let's ask Mrs Jalland you said! She'll help us you said!

Ben just slaps Johnny round the back of his head.

Ben: (Angry) Ahhhhhhh shut up Johnny!

Meanwhile .......

We see Shane standing in front of a table in the library. On the table is a what appears to be a crude hand made version of a dynamite stick made from old toilet rolls. We also appears to be filling it with several bags of baking soda and tobacco before finally sealing the top whilst also checking that the string on top which will act as it fuse is still visible before lighting it.

Shane: (Smiling) No a bad job if I do say so myself.

Robert walks up to Shane with a worried look on his face.

Robert: (Worried) Um ........... that's great and all mate but shouldn't you have lit that outside?

Shane: (Sweat drops) Crap.

Shane realising what he has done panics and quickly passes the TNT stick to Robert who quickly throws it towards Andrew.

Andrew: (Scared) You bastard Robert!

Robert: (Terrified) Don't start!

Roxy walks into the library from the computer room looking confused.

Roxy: (Confused) What are you lot moaning about now? (Notices the TNT stick) Bloody hell!

Roxy quickly runs towards the exit but stops after accidentally bumping into Johnny.

Roxy: (Blushes) O ..... Sorry Johnny.

Johnny: (Blushes) Um ..... its ok.

Ben: (Annoyed) Enough with the dam flirting already you ..... (Notices the TNT stick) #+%*ing hell!

Ben quickly grabs the TNT stick and runs outside with it into the garden. Noticing he did not have much time left he kicked the TNT stick as hard as he could into the air into the direction of the School's sports field.

Ben: #Sigh# That was close.

We now see Mr Riley and Mr O Donovan examining the hole from a safe distance (several feet away on pavement) using binoculars.

Mr O Donovan: I hate that thing.

Mr Riley: I know (Notices something) What' that thing?

Mr O Donovan: (Looks) Its looks like one of Shane's home made TNT sticks which he fills with alarming amounts of baking soda and tobacco.

Mr Riley: (Confused) Right ................ So should we run?

Mr O Donovan: (Drops the binoculars) Very fast.

Both Mr O Donovan and Mr Riley begin to run as fast as they can towards the school in a bid to find some form of cover. They make it to the library where they find Ben and the others hiding under a table which both the two teachers do. Within seconds the Shane's TNT stick goes off with a mighty explosive completely destroying the creature and forming a rather larger mushroom cloud blast. The force of the explosion hits the school shattering windows and shaking the school to its very foundations but within minutes it soon stopped. One by one each person in the library emerged from the looking shocked and confused.

Mr O Donovan: I hope my plants are ok.

Robert: (Mumbling) I wish he'd shut up about those dam plants already!

Roxy: How much tobacco did you put in that thing anyway?

Shane: Believe it or not it was the baking soda that did this.

Johnny: (Sweat drops) I told mum H.E was a dangerous subject but would she listen to me?

Andrew: (Annoyed) Shut up Johnny.

Ben walks over to one of the shattered windows to see how bad the damage exactly is.

Ben: (Eyes bulged out) #*&%ing hell!

Mr Riley: How bad is it lad?

Mr Riley looks out of another window.

Mr Riley: (Eyes bulge out) Gordon Walters!

Ben: (Confused) What?

Mr O Donovan: (Annoyed) Let me guess there is now an amorous crater of ashes and smoke where are school's once large and green field previously was?

Ben: Spot on sir.

Andrew: (Turning to Robert) He said 'ashes' right?

Mr O Donovan: Well I guess you all know what this means don't you?

Shane: What sir?

Mr O Donovan: We all get to thank you Shane in our own special and private way for destroying are precious school field which will also cost us a couple thousand quid which we don't have!

Shane: (Sweat drops) Um .............

Mr Riley: So in short people each of you will get a fiver if you beat the shit out of this little S.O.B A.S.A.P!

Within seconds everyone in the library began to dog pile on Shane whilst his pleas of mercy were muffled by the sounds of there fists. Ben on the other hand just stood there with a depressed look on his face.

Ben: You see this is way I hate school. You don't know how many sick #*%& are in it.


Sorry if this one sucked compared to the last one but I promise the next one won't. I've got a great plot idea for chapter 3. R + R Please.