Title: Fly

Author: AntipodeanOpaleye

You know that some birds

Just aren't meant to be caged

To waste away, so lonely

As their vibrancy slowly fades

And once you let them fly

You know confinement's not for them

But in the end, it's dark alone

And I suppose I miss my friend

So when your spirit flies away

And I sit in the corner to weep

Consumed with the thoughts of what could have been

And around me the memories creep

I can't help but think that you're a bird

And your wings were meant to soar

That you were too much for this world

And you deserved so much more

And even as I feel alone

Abandoned and confused

I can't help but think that you're a bird

And you've now nothing to lose

That maybe you're off gliding

And I just want to fly along

To be with you forevermore

To listen to your song

And as I sit here wondering

Where now you might be

And if repose eternal's yours

If you ever think of me

If the guilt, the hurt, the pain I feel

Is something you even know

If maybe someday we'll meet again

And you're friendly face you'll show

I can only hope you're in a place

That's much more than here

Where you can't hear the piercing cries

And you can't feel the fear

And now as I look above me

And I pray the hurt will end

I feel something a bit like hope

And I guess I just miss my friend.