"Hello, Kydra, how is my daughter doing?" a man asked, his voice coarse and his hands shaking.

"Not good sir, she won't stop making sudden movements in her sleep, we had to chain her down." The woman repiled, looking through all of her cupboards. "Your heighness sir, I have never seen anything like this. None of my medicenes will work, I'm afraid."

The king was slient, she was the only one of his family left, and if she was gone.

"Well..sir..to be honest, I do know of one thing this may be.."

His eyes gleamed. "What?"

"The dark draft..I know that sounds impossible."

His expression turned to one of anger. "How dare you! My daughter is not going to turn into some monster with wings! There is no such thing!"

"I know that sir...it's just that...I've heard things.."she said, her voice getting quietier.

"What? What have you heard?"

"People the in village...saying that the legendary ones..they..aren't happy."

"Oh thats just rubbish.." he said treating the matter as if it was nothing.

"Yes, of course it is your heighness.." she finished, only to hear a knock at the door. "Come in!" she called.

It was one of the maids. She looked to have been in a struggle. "Madam, the princess..."

"Yes? What about my daughter?"

"She's...she's..escaped.." she last said before pulling out a black feather from her apron. These were found, all over the floor, along with blood. Aria was in the room, she was shaking, and nearly shook all of us to death.

The king looked once more at the maid, before exiting out to where the princess was kept. It was like the maid had said, blood spread everywhere, and so was black feathers. He picked one of them up, before letting out a cry.

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