Forgotten Hero

The years have passed, the memories have faded,

He is next to last, forgotten and jaded.

He dwells in the shadows of Lee and Jackson,

He is the forgotten hero, Joseph E. Johnston.

His first triumph was Manassas,

Leading with his gleaming sword aloft,

And stopped McDowell's masses,

From reaching Richmond's lines.

At Seven Pines, in the midst of the fight,

He was struck by Yankee bullet,

With wounded leg and reluctant heart,

He was put to flight.

When once again he took the field,

It was upon Kennesaw Mountain,

And all Sherman's frustrated eyes could see,

Was the artillery of Joseph E. Johnston.

Less than a year after Kennesaw,

The last great battle was fought,

At Bentonville after a long hard war,

The peace between sides was sought.

But alas! Into the annals of history he vanishes!

A proud soldier whose name was forgotten.

No statues has he, nor memorials.

For our forgotten hero, Joseph E. Johnston.