Black Wings

There once was light,
Now all is dark.
They stole my light,
They stole my joy.

I wanted wings,
I wanted to fly away.
Your soul can become your wings,
Your soul can take you away.

My soul sprouted wings,
The wings I wanted so badly.
But the were black wings,
Too dirty, too corrupted.

The feathers were bloody,
Not holding to the bones.
They had hurt my soul so much,
They had broken my wings.

I cannot fly,
My wings are too broken.
My last hope died,
My last dream torn to shreds.

I once was a writer, I know that words can kill,
I stayed silent as I was injured by words much sharper than knives.
They tore at my heart,
They took away it's light.

Good it the only word that has no meaning in today's world,
The word that everyone thinks can describe them.
People are evil creatures,
Once again I try to spread my wings,
Battered and broken as they are,
But once again the words of others are like boulders,
Dragging me back to the putrid earth.

I cannot escape this torment,
I cannot escape these voices shouting cruel words at me.
With my own knives,
I wish to kill them all.

I want to see their wings turn black,
I want to see them rot.
I want to see their pained faces,
I want but cannot have, for I am not like them.

This poem is dedicated to everyone who has ever been teased or abused. I have gone my whole life being picked on by my friends, family, and peers...getting myself into bad relationships and wishing I could hurt my attackers as much as they hurt me. This poem is for those who have suffered to show you that you are better then those who belittle you and to show you that you are never alone. Please tell me what you thought of the poem by reviewing. Thank you.
~Frozen Midnight~