I am alone,
Lost in the black forest of night.
I am scared and worried,
Battered and broken.

My screams are muted,
The thunder drowns them out.
My teardrops fall unseen,
Lost among the rain.

No umbrella is there to keep me dry,
No coat to keep me warm.
Wet hair clings to my upturned face,
As I look up at the crying sky.

It seems that the sky alone see all my pain,
It weeps for me in turn.
I am dead inside, the sky can tell,
That's why it cries for me.

My mind is full of nothing,
A void I cannot fill.
Even under the saddened sky,
I find myself alone.

As you can probably tell if you've read some of my other poems I identify myself with space and water most. Space is so large and unknown and I like to be solitary and mysterious while water is usually calm and soothing with the ability to rage out of control at a moment's notice, it's and unpredictable element. Anyways, let me know how you liked the poem, please review.
~Frozen Midnight~