The Warrior: Prologue

The rain was falling so hard, the drops made dents in the dirt, yet the falling water could do nothing to quench the flames of the burning village nor could it wash away the blood of the villagers. A lone girl stood in the center of the destruction, her clear brown-eyed gaze focused on the clouds above her as her dark brown hair clung to her upturned face partially hiding her lack of emotion as she gazed at the grey sky.

She was alone again but she wasn't afraidof being alone. Lonliness was something she knew well. Being the keeper of an elemental gemmeant you would always be alone and that everyone you loved was doomed to die because of your exsistence. This particular girl was the keeper of the Gem of Water and her name was Sapphire. It was very hard to tell whether someone was the keeper of a gem or not as the gem was inside the heart of its keeper and could not be seen by people that did not hold a gem of their own. There were six elemental gems in all; one for wind, one for water, one for fire, one for earth, one for good, and one for evil.

Each stone was said to give the one who held it special powers and a special ability which was why so many people wanted to get them. Unfortunately, in order to get power over a gem you had to kill its keeper and absorb the stone into your own body and because of theat the people in this village had been killed. Sapphire stopped looking at the sky and began looking around her. She had only been a visitor in this village for a few hours and already King Ryken's men had heard of her whereabouts and had tried to find her.

Because of her entrance into this small, insignificant village everyone who had once lived here happily was now dead. The very thought stung Sapphire's heart but she did not let her pain show on her face. She had reached a decision, she would go away to the Temple of Mizu, which was a place only those with the Gem of Water could find, and there she would become a great warrior. She would learn to fight so that no one else would have to die on her account, not even her enemies. With this in mind, the ten year old girl turned her back on the burning village and walked away, not caring that the rain was still falling around her.

Unknown to Sapphire, a young boy stood watching her. Emerald had also watched the destruction of this village, but it's ruin pained him more than it had Sapphire, for this place had been his home. He also carried within him an elemental gem, the Gem of Earth. He had been running away from the burning village when he had spotted a girl standing alone in the rain. She looked younger than him but she also looked wiser than she should. That's when he noticed the blue glow that seemed to encircle her body and he instantly knew who he was seeing, the Keeper of Water. Emerald knew that, as a keeper, this young girl had probably seen much more death and carnage than he would ever know, yet somehow she radiated calm and brought a strange joy to his heart.

He had lived in this village all his life, fearing little of his fate as a keeper, but in one night he had lost his whole family and yet he felt joy at simply being able to gaze at the young girl that stood mere feet from him. She was staring up at the sky, he noticed, and was clutching a handmade doll in one hand, her face was an emotionless mask. Her face held no joy at still having her doll, no sadness for the many lives that had just been taken, not even a flicker of worry that she might get sick from the falling rain. Still pondering the girl's emotionless face, Emerald never saw her lower her head, turn around, and disappear into the night. When he eventually did come out of his thoughts the only thing that gave testimony to the girl's presence was her doll, lying forgotten in the mud.

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