Stolen Hearts



The night was dark and cold, the kind of cold where if you exhaled you could see your breath.  Though the cold didn't stop this feisty young thief, who wandered the streets of his small city.  Wearing mostly black he prowled around a small apartment house, searching for an easy victim.  The young thief climbed up the fire escape and sat under a dark window.  He brushed his messy black hair from his face and took a peak into the window.  No activities were going on in the room, it was either empty or they went to sleep.

The black haired teen suspected it was more empty than anything else; people in this town don't go to sleep till one in the morning at earliest.  The thief placed his hand in his pocket and took out what seemed to be a knife.  With the knife, he put the blade where the window opens and closes and lifted it gently.

Now with the window open, he crawled in.  He placed his knife in his pocket and took out a small flashlight.  The boy shined the light toward what seemed to be the night table and carefully walked over.

"Hmm?" he flashed the light toward a picture frame.  He looked, "Who's this?"  In the frame was a picture of man in his early twenties with golden brown hair standing with a chocolate lab.  He ruffled his hair, "If he the one that lives here, then I should raid him more often. . ."

The thief opened the drawer and rummaged through papers, pencils, and basically useless junk.  Unsatisfied, he took the picture frame apart and took the picture for himself.  He then flashed the light toward a counter.

"This must have something. . ." the teen muttered to himself.  Quietly, he opened the drawers.  Inside he found a small brown box with a gold colored lock.  A smile appeared on his face, "I wonder what could be in here. . ."  the young thief placed his finger on the lock and traced it.  Then, he pulled it open.  Inside there was a golden chain with a pendent of a golden heart.

"Wow, this is nice," he took the chain and pendant and placed it in his cargo pocket.  The boy continued to rummage through the drawer when he heard a -click- by the door.

Quickly, the thief closed the drawer and rushed to the window.  He could hear the door creak open slowly.

Was he going to make it?

He could see the light from the other side of the door seep into the room.  As he ran to the window he knocked over a vase.


"Who's there?!" he heard them call.

The teen scrambled to the window dropping his flashlight and knife.  His hands trembling, he hauled up the window and jumped out.

The owner of the apartment ran in watching him escape through his window only to get a flash of his face.

"Man, that was close!" the young thief gasped for air.  "I've been becoming much more reckless lately. . .damn."  He ruffled his hair and heaved a sigh as he was heading back to his temporary home.  The night was dark and cold, nothing changed.  Everything stayed the same.


-The next morning. . .

"Katisu," a voice called out, tired.  "Hey, Katisu!"

"Mmmm?" he muttered with his face in the pillow.

"Wake up, we're going to be late!" Katisu's guardian, Terrie, snorted.  "If you don't wake up, I'm getting a bucket of water. . ."

Katisu jumped up into a sitting position, "I'm up, I'm up!" he ran his hand through his black hair.  "Why do I have to wake up so early in the morning anyway, Terrie?"

"It's 10:30 for your information," Terrie eyed him sternly, "And did you forget today you get a new guardian."

"What? Again?"

"Yes again. . ." the older teen threw Katisu some clothes.  "Get changed, you want to make a good impression, I can't have people keep sending you back, you know I can't support you."

Katisu narrowed his eyes, "You act like I'm an item."

"You know what I mean, Katisu!" he grimaced.

"Yeah, yeah, basically I'm the human baggage that apparently is too much for one to handle, right?" he smiled, deviously.

"Shut up and get changed."

"Alright, alright!" Katisu slipped into his old denim cargo pants and a gray T-shirt.  "How's this?" he looked down at himself to check he wasn't wearing anything backwards or something foolish like that.

"Lovely, are you done?" Terrie snorted impatiently, adjusting his glasses.

"Somebody's in a hurry. . ." he said under his breath.  "Hey, don't I need luggage or something?"

"It's been taken care of, we packed all of your stuff and it will be taken later when you're with Mr. Tomo."

"Wow, a guy wants to be my guardian, that's never good," Katisu laughed.

"Actually, we asked him and he accepted," Terrie retorted dryly.

Katisu sighed, "Yeah, yeah, it's not like anybody would offeringly want me around anyway."

"That's not true, Katisu," he pushed up his glasses, again.

"Well maybe, if that person was retarded. . ."

"Come on, let's go," Terrie rolled his eyes.

Katisu sat in the car next to Terrie, whom was driving, looking out his window.  The drive was fairly quick, it seems he would be staying very close to where he was originally.  It was quite odd because they stopped at a small apartment house. . . .

"Umm, is this it?" Katisu swallowed hard.

"Yes, why?" Terrie looked at Katisu, who was shifting in his seat, "You don't like it?"

"No, I never said that," he simply said, in his stomach he felt an uncomfortable churning.

They walked up about two floors and stopped at apartment number 48.  Katisu snorted quietly as Terrie knocked on the door.  He could hear shuffling inside and rushed steps toward the door.

"Hello, Mr. Tomo," Terrie put on his people face.  Katisu scoffed.

"Hey," Katisu's heart stopped, it was the man in the picture, which meant. . .

"I'm staying with him?!" Katisu didn't even think before he spoke out abruptly.  His green eyes were pale and slightly frightened.

"Is there a problem?" Terrie raised his brow.

Katisu looked over to Mr. Tomo and swallowed hard, "Err' no, I was just expecting some old guy."

Mr. Tomo laughed, "Well I'm sure you'd rather not live with someone elderly."

"Actually I think he would, he'd get away with a lot more then he already does. . ." Terries narrowed his eyes and stared at the black haired teen.

"Oh, I see, he's a trouble child, ha, I used to be like that," Mr. Tomo smiled warmly.  Katisu looked down at his feet, somewhat annoyed.  He didn't like people to gossip and talk about him like he's unusual.

"Well don't sympathizes, he'll take advantage of it," Terrie adjusted his lenses.

"Can you both just shut up, now?" Katisu said in a cold, irritable voice.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to bother you," Mr. Tomo frowned.

"Well, I must be on my way," Terrie smiled and patted Katisu's head. "His things will be arriving soon, take care you two!" Terrie waved his good bye and trotted away.

Katisu stood there watching him leave with that disgusting smile on his face.  Sometimes he hated it when a person smiled.  Sometimes he wanted to take away that happiness that one selfishly keeps to themselves. . .

"Are you going to stand there, or come in?" Mr. Tomo interrupted his thought.

"Uhh, yeah, sure," he stepped inside the room.  The apartment was much bigger in the light.  There was another room he could've gone to and a small hallway leading into yet another room.  He noticed on the counter lay his knife and flashlight. Once again his stomach churned.

"You can call me Dean, I hate formality, makes me sound old," Dean shuddered.  He looked over to Katisu, "Come, I'll show you your room."

He walked down the tiny hallway that leaded to where he was going to sleep.  Dean opened the door; Katisu saw an empty room with nothing but a bed, dresser and leisure chair.

"Sorry, it's kinda empty, but they didn't really specify what kind of kid I was going to get, honestly u was expecting an annoying 12 year-old," Dean walked in the room and opened the window to let the fresh air come in.  "By the way, Katisu, right? How old are you?"

"I'm 16," he muttered.

"Ehh, I wasn't that far off," he smiled.

Katisu stared at his old out of shape sneakers, "Yeah."

"Well make yourself a home, I'm going to make something to eat, anything you'd like in particular?" the golden haired guardian asked.

"No, not really," Katisu stood glued to where he was.

"Well I'll call you when it's ready," as he pasted Katisu, he patted his shoulder.

The black haired teen walked over to his empty looking bed and laid down.  What were the chances of this happening?  The last person he robs ends up being his next guardian.  Something very unexpected. . .

This Dean Tomo, who was he?  Sure he's his new guardian but he just illuminates this pure aura.  Disgusting, how could someone be so chaste.  He's has done some pretty dirty stuff and he was sure everybody else has done something regretful, the only difference is that Katisu has done way too many things he regretted.  And sometimes he just shrugs them off, and does more things that aren't too…good.

It's odd, Katisu was sure that Dean saw his face, or at least some part of his face, so why didn't he mention anything about last night to Terrie?

Katisu rolled on to his stomach and grumbled, "I should be happy he doesn't mention anything about last night."

The dark haired teen could feel the light breeze from the open window.  It felt good.  The things that went through Katisu's mind were all raveled together.

How long was he going to last here, with Dean?  For a few months, like every other person he's stayed with.  No one could stand him, how could they?  He didn't even want to be with himself. . .if he had the choice that is.

He rolled back on to his backside and looked up at his ceiling.  It was quite empty. . .like him.

"Hey, Katisu, come and eat," he could hear Dean call out cheerfully.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm a coming!" he muttered as he got up.

As he walked into the small kitchen he smelled the tasty scent of grilled fish on the plates.  The plates were set up on the counter with chairs on either side.

"Come and sit," he smiled as he dried his hands.

Katisu sat on the outside.  He looked down at the grilled fish and rice.  It looked really good; in a way some one could say it was unusual for something to look so good.  Maybe because most of his life he never really ate well.

"Something wrong?" Dean brushed his golden brown hair out of his face.

"No, it's just I'm not used to being treated so nicely," Katisu picked at his fish.

Dean smiled, "I see."  He took a sip of his tea, "Did you know there are quite a lot of trouble makers in this town?"

"Apparently so."

"In fact, some one was here last night rummaging through my stuff," Dean took another sip.

Katisu dropped his fork and picked it up again before Dean could notice him shaking, "R-really?"

"That's right," Dean sighed, "They took my mothers necklace and pendant, and a photo of me and my dog, quite unusual, but they did leave here a knife and a cute mini flashlight," he looked over to the dresser on where they laid.

"Oh, that's too bad. . ." the 16 year-old muttered as he picked at his fish some more.

"You know, Katisu, you shouldn't do things like that. . ." Dean placed his cup down.

Katisu froze, "W-what. . .do you m-mean. . .?"


Good chappy, I wanted to end it more dramatic but I couldn't think of anything ^_^;; Well I hope you enjoy!