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Stolen Hearts

Katisu stepped out of the shower, dripping wet.  He wrapped a white towel around his waist and one on his head.  The black haired teen took a look at him self in the mirror and sighed.  It's been awhile since I could walk around calmly, since I could relax a bit.  Dean, he's either really lenient, or he just doesn't care. . . I'm assuming it's the second one, I'm assuming.  I wonder, why he's so different from everyone else.  Katisu stood there in wonder.  The chestnut haired guardian made him drown in questions.

The 16 year-old wiped the wet strands of hair that slipped out of the towel from his face.  He continued to gaze at himself in the mirror, those piercing green eyes stared at him relentlessly.

"Katisu, are you done yet?" Dean knocked on the bathroom door and then took a peak inside.  Apparently, Katisu was feeling so relaxed he forgot to lock the door.  "Oh, I see you're looking at yourself in the mirror." The 22 year-old laughed.  "Well, just hurry up, you don't want to be late."

Katisu snorted, "Close the door!" he didn't like the fact that Dean got to see him so. . .bare.  "I don't care about the stupid tests! I don't want to go to school!!" he yelled through the  shut door.


"So, you're finally done?" Dean looked down at Katisu, who sat by the counter wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans.

"Yes. . .I am done. . ." he hissed, almost cat-like at his guardian.

Dean nodded, "Well come on, we'll get breakfast on the way." He took his car keys from his coat pocket and gestured Katisu to get up and go.

Dean sat in the car cheerfully, as in contrast to Katisu, who sat there quite miserably, he truly didn't want to go to school.

"Hey. . .can'--"

"No, you're taking the test and that's final," Dean was focused on the road.  Katisu opened his mouth to retort, but closed it with out saying anything. "I'm glad you see it my way. . ."

All Katisu did was growl.

They stopped at a small convenient store and bought their breakfast.  Dean had himself a cup of coffee and a croissant, while Katisu had a soda and a chocolate doughnut.

"How do you expect to get around all morning with that?" Dean sighed as they sat in the car.

"Easy, I eat it and then I use all that sugar as energy," the teen bit into his doughnut and sneered.

Dean couldn't help but laugh, "Well, if you put it that way. . ."


"We're here!" Dean clasped his hands together joyfully just to irritate Katisu.

The black haired teen rolled his eyes, "Woo."

"You should be more enthusiastic, Katisu," the chestnut haired man nudged Katisu's arm and walked into the principal's office.

Inside, there was a middle-aged man, about in his late 30's, early 40's who was sitting in a tall chair typing on the computer; he had dark gray hair and tiny spectacles on the rim of his nose.  "Oh. Hello, you must be Katisu O-oka. . .?"

"Okasuma," said Katisu, exasperated.

"Thanks you," he said adjusting his glasses.

"Well, Mr. Kusanagi, where should Katisu go to take his entrance exam?" Dean asked eagerly.  Katisu looked up at Dean and opened his mouth to yell at him or something thing, but he couldn't think of anything so he closed it with the feeling of defeat.  His guardian looked down at him and snickered.

Principal Kusanagi nodded and said, "Right this way," he stood up and walked out the door leading the two into an almost empty classroom.  Inside the room there were 5 students and a very tired teacher.  "Here is where Katisu shall take his test."  The aged man looked over to the other teacher, whose face was wrinkled and worn, and smiled.  It seemed that they were expecting Katisu.  "Now, Katisu, if you'd please sit here," the principal pulled a chair in the back of the room.  "Dean will be back in two hours, I think that would be plenty of time to take it, don't you think?" he looked over to Dean, who smiled and agreed.

"Two hours?" Katisu raised a brow.  "Don't you think that's too much time?"

"Nonsense, when you are done, hand the paper over to Mr. Kaye, alright?" the principal ruffled up the 16 year-old's hair.

"Yeah. . .whatever. . ."


Katisu looked down at the packet that Mr. Kusanagi gave him. . .it was really thick.  He opened it up to the first page and his mouth dropped.

Math section:

1.) 56 x 819.625 =

a) 45890

b) 56780

c) 45899

d) 57866

"What the hell is this?!" Katisu glared at the paper maliciously. How the hell am I supposed to figure out these damn things with out a calculator? Awe screw it!  Katisu circled C. **

After an hour of 'guessing' the answers, Katisu stood up and handed in the paper to Mr. Kaye.

"Damn that was hard. . ." the black haired teen walked back to the seat in the back part of the classroom, where he sat there by himself.

Katisu sat with only tow legs on the chair on the floor.  He looked around at the measly 5 kids in the room.  They were all boys, most of them seemed to be 17 or 18, basically older than him.  They didn't look very organized of polite, while he was taking the test they would throw things at him, and laugh at the teacher.  They were much like him.  The one student who seemed to lead them all decided to confront Katisu.

"Hey, new kid," he slid his chair back.  (The teacher is sleeping.)

"What do you want?" Katisu glared at him.  The teen had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.  His clothes weren't as messy as his hair, he wore a surprisingly clean gray T-shirt and dark blue cargo pants. 

The blonde merely shrugged, "Nothing really, it's just that you kind of smell bad. . .I was just gonna ask you if ya had to go to the bathroom," he laughed.

"What the hell are you talking about?" growled the black haired teen.  "I mean look at you, looks like someone shit in your hair then took a piss on it, when they were done."

"What. Did. You. Say?" the blonde hissed through his teeth.

Katisu rolled his eyes, "Can't you hear me? Or, are you deaf too?"

The blond scoffed and pushed Katisu back causing his chair to slip back and hit the floor.  He could hear the other kids laugh, the blonde teen's being the loudest.  Katisu quickly stood up and sniggered.

"You think you're so damn smart, huh?" his green eyes glowed like florescent lights.  "Why don't you laugh at this?" he impaled his fist on the pretty blonde's face.  The teen fell to the floor hitting the desks back.  The four other students stayed quiet.  "What's wrong, why aren't you laughing, I thought it was funny," Katisu grinned, menacingly.

The teacher then awoke and gasped helplessly, "You two! What are you doing?!"

"Tch, nothing," Katisu shoved his hands in his pocket. "He's a klutz, he fell down."

Mr. Kaye looked at him and then to the other students.  No one in the class said a word, not even the blonde, he just sat there, holding his face and glaring maliciously at Katisu.

"Yo, old man," Katisu said.  "Where's the office?"

"What?" Mr. Kaye looked confused.  "It's three doors to your left."

"Thanks," the black haired teen walked out the door.  Katisu followed the instructions that Mr. Kaye gave him, but it ended up leading him to the cafeteria.  "How the hell did I get here?" his hand found its way to the itch on the back of his head.  He turned around and looked back, but nothing seemed familiar.  "Uhh. . ." he felt unsure.  "Where do I go from here?"

Katisu stood there in the middle of the hallway.  He heard the end of class bell ring. "Shit, this ain't good. . ."

Bursting out the doors came out students racing to socialize or get to their next class and since he was standing in front of the most social place in the school there were thousands of students pushing him deeper into the crowds.  Katisu gave into the crowds pushing and found himself in the middle of the lunchroom.  "Okay. . ." he sighed, "now what?"

The black haired teen started to walk toward the vending machines when he stopped dead in his tracks, and to his dislike, there standing, was the blonde kid.

"Well, well, what are you doing here?" he spat distastefully.

Damnit, it's this guy again. . . "None of your business, shit head."

"Well it is, because this is my school, and I don't want some know-it-all-bastard roaming around," he threw his long blonde locks from his face.

"What are you going to do about it? I'm not leaving, that's for a fact!" Katisu grinned, knowing it would piss of the blonde teen extremely.  "what's wrong, afraid to hit me?"

"You wish!"

"Do I?" Katisu felt as if he had the upper hand in this fight.

"You know what, raven-head?" the teen glowered.  He stepped forward and grasped Katisu by his shirt collar.  "You piss me off," he was strong enough to lift Katisu to his tiptoes before punching him down to the ground.

There was a piercing pain in Katisu's stomach.  He could hear girls scream, and people chanting the word, "fight".

Since Katisu was the kind of person who didn't take anything from anyone, he immediately stood up, not even showing a sign of pain and tackled the blonde boy hitting him square in the jaw.  The blonde teen retaliated by making Katisu the one against the floor and hitting him repeatedly.

"Ahh! Please stop it you two!" a girl with red hair cried, "Sage, stop it!"

"He started it, Karen!" Sage, the blonde teen, spat.

"You shouldn't do this!" she whimpered.

Katisu kicked Sage off of him and spit on the floor saliva and blood.  "You should listen to the girl, Sage, you shouldn't do this; you'll only get your ass whipped!"

"What is the meaning of this?!" Principal Kusanagi threw open the doors and glared at Katisu and Sage.


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**the answer was C

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