You say you want me to talk to you
Clue you into my life
Not leave you in the dark

You want to be my best friend
Share all my secrets
Not to be shut out

You swear you'll understand
After all you were a kid once
When you were a child did you want to bond with your father?

If you really remembered your childhood
You'd realize you didn't want to be harassed
You didn't appreciate your dad's attempts to fit into your life You'd think back and recollect how much you wanted privacy
And a little respect
That you wished your father had given you more freedom

But no, you don't recall
Or if you do, you don't act like it
Because all the things you hated as a child is what you're doing to me
And those rights you were denied, you are in turn depriving me of them

So no
I don't want you in my life
Try to understand that