I'm not sure if anyone is still following that story after 16 years of not updating. Probably it's pointless to even make that update but since I noticed a few lovely reviews I thought I should at least give that final notice. I began writing that story when I was in my teen years, around 16-17, and later, for plenty of reasons, I ended up abandoning it. A lot of things happened, life, growing up, having to adapt to being an adult and my old stories ended up behind, in the weird world of my adolescence. Now, I cringe when I read how bad most of it is. I even questioned whether I shouldn't just delete my profile but I decided against it. These silly stories were a part of my growing up and occasionally, it may be nice to revisit them. Continuing that story would be pointless as I'm a completely different person at that point. If I ever decide to go back to Crystal and Angel I must demolish the story and build it up again from scratch (How cringy it is I actually believed Crystal Sky was a good character name for a character who wasn't a stripper?).

Anyway, thanks to all the people who left a review and I'm sorry that I won't be bringing that story to its conclusion. But let's be honest, there is so much better writing you could be indulging in.

Have a great life,