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On Putting Oneself Down in Summaries

Hello, I'm Daniella, and I've expanded my ego to the extent that I'm going to start putting my thoughts in one multiple-chapter document. I would usually start with something sappy about sunflowers and optimism and what not, but I have a complaint to make first (and I love to complain, so here we are).

If there is one thing I can't stand on this site... okay. Aside from the non-existent Member Ads, the fervent flamers with nothing else to do but cause agony and grief to writer-hopefuls, the fact that in order to have a good chance to get reviewed you have to beg on your knees (or pay money to become a Premium Member)... it would be people who put themselves down in their summaries.

Why do they think I'm going to be interested in reading their work when they claim not to like it themselves? Why do they think I really want to read something that the author himself or herself claims not to understand? "I haven't got a clue what this is about but R/R please!" Why would I WANT to??? Why??? "This is a stupid poem about nothing at all." Umm... okay... next!

I am an author in the process of finding an agent (that's a long story, but I've had pretty good luck so far) and let me tell you people, you're not getting anywhere unless you believe in yourself. If you don't have faith in your own work, how is it supposed to improve? How do you expect to have other people read it if you don't even like it?

My feeling is that most of the people who claim their work is bad really do like it, they just want to steel themselves for any flames. That's also a lack of self-confidence, by the way. They're afraid that someone might not like it and say, "Why did you post this, why do you think this is good, it really sucks," so they go ahead and agree with them!

What do they expect me to say in a review??? That's one I'd really like to hear. It's a double-edged sword. If I tell them I liked the poem, then I'm insulting their judgment, right? I mean they SAID they hated it. And I come out looking like an all-out liar only reviewing to get reviews, and saying "Good job" without even reading the poem. If I agree with them in the most amiable fashion, like "Yeah, you're totally right, this poem completely sucks"... that's not exactly my idea of an ego boost...

People, DO NOT PUT YOURSELF DOWN IN YOUR SUMMARIES. JUST DON'T. I don't care if it has similar themes as my Ode to a Shoe (a very interesting, deep and insightful poem I wrote during a three-day school trek, inspired by my aching feet, sore because my shoes were much too small on me). No one's going to get anywhere if they don't believe in themselves.

Anyone who does so will get this entire article in the form of a review, mark my words...


~* Sunflower Philosophy